Federal Trade Commission Rules For Disclosure Of Affiliate Links

New rules related to disclosure compliance were announced by the Federal trade commission in 2015.

The main motive of introducing such rules was to protect the readers and to keep them updated about the publisher or the bloggers details. That whether they are proposing you a  sponsored or unsponsored product. Sponsored products are those which are held under the partnership of some brand. So they recommend the user with such products which are profitable to the publisher as well.

So it is the publisher’s duty that they sell the affiliate products only after informing the readers that what are their actual concerns. If they are getting remuneration from the manufacturer in partnership they need to update the reader about the fact.

It is not malpractice if the blogger is charging some money from the manufacturer for guiding the reader about the right product and its details. The main fact is that they should not guide them wrong and tell them the real facts and information.

For the above-said purpose, the reader is requested to read below so they to know about the detail of links and products listed here on this web:

Note: Though we present you with affiliate links but the product we present to you is best in the market. . We never compromise our user’s interests as it’s our utmost priority.

What Are Affiliate Links?

When the reader clicks the buy button on Amazon, they actually don’t buy from the web but they buy from the original seller from Amazon shelves. The web is only responsible for guiding you towards the right product from the best seller.

When the reader finds the product useful and makes a purchase the seller gives a commission to the blogger. The blogger doesn’t charge anything from the reader, the only remuneration they get from the seller and that helps to run the blog.

If you are purchasing via our website we are just helping the reader to choose the right product and don’t affect the purchasing price of the user.

Amazon Links 

GadgetsComparisons.com is a group member of LCC Program. Via the membership, Amazon helps us to cope with our web running expenditures. As to recommend you the right product we have to conduct a few surveys and even perform performance tests. Amazon never forces us to promote any product we make a choice on our own after surveying the best product. So the affiliate links are added after investigating the quality production and good working.