10 Best Army Gadgets for Kids

10 Best Army Gadgets for Kids

This is natural for some of the kids to develop a taste for army toys especially if one of their parents is in the army. Even if their parents are not their uncle or aunt. Despite this fact, army toys based on army gadgets are widely popular among kids.

This is the reason that the market is full of the best army gadgets for kids. So in this article, we have selected top f line army gadgets for kids. And detailed army gadgets for kids review where will update your opinion about the army gadgets. you with the

1. Military Vehicle In a tent



Roleplay is natural for the kids when they are playing with the army gadgets. During this role play, this is important to have gadgets in which the kids can enjoy real life situations. This military vehicle tent is designed in such a way. This popup top provides plenty of the space for the kid to play. Kids can even sit in it and can imagine and play his or her role as an army personal. This is really difficult to handle a tent that is so big. Especially this is the problem for the Mom to store the toys. This problem also has been resolved and you needed a very tiny space for storing this product. This product can be zipped and may be stored in any area no matter how small it is.

There is enough space inside the tent that two kids can play inside this military vehicle tent. The kids can enter by lifting the back door upward. As far as the dimensions of the product are concerned when open and in the play mode the dimensions of this product are L44’’ x W28’’ x H28’’.

2. Military Jeep and Truck

military jeep and truck


In case you have decided to buy the above narrated army gadget toy this is the perfect pair to accompany the military vehicle tent. a  military jeep and the truck. This keeps on providing depth to the kids that are actually on the battlefield. The place where they can play with these toys.

These toys provide the multifunctional play options to the kids along with the toys you also get seven different action figures. These action figures will become your partner while you play. Powered up  from the friction these can produce the siren like the original. Functional lights and the squad that includes the

  • 2 vehicle cars
  • 1 Military Utility Vehicle
  • 1 Helicopter
  • 2 army men
  • 1 dog figure

Twin propellers of the heli are moveable. Army vehicles can be opened and you can have a look from inside.

3. 12 Military men in your squad

ures with 12 Realistic Army Rang


Here is the force to include your army squad. These are from the Army, Marine, and Special Police. Dressed in proper uniform you will observe three different types of the uniform here. This is not the all this package includes the other accessories that are

  • 2 fortification figures
  • 1 dog figure
  • 1 name tag

And none of the action figures has the duplication figure.  Everyone is unique as well as having the realistic design. Made with the nontoxic material these are completely safe for the kids to play with.

It does not only improve the social skills of the kids but also provides them with endless possibilities to play. The kid can imagine different situations and plenty of the characters are here that can easily adjust to this role. As there are a number of figures the kids can play with these toys together. Actually, this is the best gift for a kid to have that he can share with his multiple friends especially when there is a gathering of the kids.

4. Army Base with two men and a Dog

4. Army Base with two men and a Dog


Here is an army base with two men, a helicopter and the military vehicle. These are the best for the imaginary role play. This is the time when you have additional figures to accompany you in this role play.  This is the most comprehensive set available, a kid can dream of. This further includes the tents, the weapon box, a name tag and a brave dog to accompany the soldiers in the different dangerous missions.

If you need to face the attack from the enemy these soldiers manage to have some temporary walls that can enhance the level of the resistance against the enemy attack. A safe product to play as this has fulfilled all the necessary safety standards.

5. Face Paint Stick

Face Paint Stick


Ooh, the kids have to survive in the enemy area. They need to hide their identity as they are in the army area. The chances are high that a close encounter with the army is underway. Now the best option is to hide your identity. The best thing to do under these circumstances to paint your face. Here we have the best option for you. This two colored paint stick is easily washable as soon as the kids finish their game. This will not leave any marks on the face of the kids.

The dimensions of the stick perfectly make it fit in your pocket. The size of the stick is 7cm x 3cm.

Once applied after the game is finished you can easily wipe it with what the baby wipes. So removing the color of the stick is also not an issue that is needed to be handled.

6. Army Ammo Toy Box

mmo T


Let the fantasy reach beyond limits. Made with Aluminium this is of the olive green color box that is rectangular in the shape with the dimensions  20 x 15 x 10cm. A perfect box that has the capacity to save and store your army ammunition really very well. You can even carry your lunch in it. So this is a multi purpose box that can be used by your kid to enhance his or her creativity.  A durable product that will last with your kid for a very very long time.

7. Military Marines the Combat kit

Military Marines the Combat kit


This is the combat kit and it includes lots of lots of things for the kids to play. The beauty of these types of the toys are that you can even use these for the group play. Multiple kids can play with these kits as these are many in numbers. These include hand-grenades, pistols, watches Google’s wireless set, combat knives.

Wow so many things the carriage of the equipment is a major issue. Then how to carry it. This is relatively easy to carry the things in a box. But this unique marine kit provides you with the jacket in which you can put all your equipment to be carried with you. The equipment can fit well in the pockets and the designated places.

A safe product that can be fit easily to the kids from the size of 3 to 6 years of the age. The gadgets here are real close to the actual ones even the hand grenades have the pins. These pins can easily pull out and can again put back into the grenades.

8. Everything should be camouflaged

Everything should be camoufla


While on the mission everything needed to be camouflaged well. This includes everything, even the watches you wear. So far your little soldiers here we have camouflaged wrist watches. We understand that the shocks are natural in combat and there may be situations when the super young soldiers have to pass through the water . This is the reason that this military gadget is completely shock and waterproof. You may even do swimming while wearing this. But do remember that you should not press any button of the watch while you are underwater. This may let the water in and once the water is inside the watch this will create multiple problems to handle.

In case the little soldier doesn’t like the camouflaged watch plenty of the options are available with the color of the watch.  The big dial makes it possible to look at this time even when the lightning conditions are not very good. The kids can set multiple alarms. These alarms can help the children to be disciplined.

Actually this is an opportunity for the children to make their children discipline like the army official so this is a cool gadget that a kid must own. Even if you have an adult kid. Like your father then this is the best gift ever to give to your father. This will link him back to his childhood memories. So next time you are looking for a gift for a male. You may very well include into your consideration list for the cool gadgets for father or the cool guys gadgets. Highly affordable and the best durable gift to have.

9. Outdoor communication

9. Outdoor communication


While you are on a mission you cannot use the ordinary communication devices. The special devices are needed to communicate. So that the enemy cannot interpret your communication. This is something that needs to be addressed on priority. To solve this problem we recommend you to use these while you are on the mission. This is the perfect communication solution for your kids to have while they are on the move. Available in four different colors these have an operational range of 3 kms.

Operative on 22 different channels the dimensions of the product are 2.5 x 1 x 0.5 inches. This 3 km range is for the open conditions in case we are talking about the indoors and the walls between the communicators. The range may be reduced up to 2km. The buttons are highly functional and can easily be found with the help of the fingers.

Charging is not needed as these are operative on the batteries. This requires 4 AAA batteries. The size is really appropriate, this is not so big that it will become difficult for the child to handle nor is it so small that it actually fell down from the hand of the kid.  With the small kids this may be a situation that the kids don’t remember where they put their toy. This is something that can be perfectly handled with the help of the clip provided with the walkie talkie. This clip can be fixed with the children’s cloth.

10. The Soldier Bucket

10. The Soldier Bucket


This is the toy that may remind you of your own childhood. If you remember you will also remember that this is not a single toy actually this is the collection of the toys. These are 200 in numbers that carry 4 different flags in the battle field. Meanwhile in the battlefield different poses are needed that is the reason that you will find soldiers with 26 different poses in this battlefield. This is a great activity even this can be used for the history illustration and for the stage play other than the simple playing.

These army men represent four different nations that include Germany, Japan, Britain and America. Carrying and the storage of such soldiers can be a problem especially when there are so many in numbers. This issue is resolved by the manufacturer as these soldiers come with their very own unique bucket that can handle the soldiers in this big quantity easily.

Final Words

The best gift collection that will not show your love for your kid but this will also provide your kid with the best playing activities.

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