10 Best Gadgets for iPhone 11 Pro

Gadgets for iPhone 11 Pro

Having one of the latest and newest models of a phone gives you a sense of superiority, especially if it’s a phone that is considered more of a luxury item. Personalizing your items is human nature, and it’s natural to want to utilize your new phone to its maximum potential and functionality. To really amp up your experience of using an iPhone, it is recommended that you gear it with some suitable gadgets or accessories that really help maximize its potential functions.

Not sure what type of gadgets you should invest in for your new iPhone 11 Pro? Don’t worry, you’ve come to just the right place. Our article will brief you about the top 10 best gadgets for iphone 11 pro one can buy.

</p> <h2><strong>1.Protective Case</strong></h2> <p>

Protective Case

It’s impossible not to start off with an accessory for iPhone that protects it from any sort of damage that may affect its functionality. Phones can be quite fragile, and while it may seem nice to have a naked iPhone, showing off its sleek and stylish back to the world, a protective case makes sure that any accidental drop does not possibly harm your phone. However, if you’re one of those users who don’t personally like coloured cases, one sort of phone case that can be invested in is the Wallet Armor phone case. Not only will this phone case show off your iPhone’s true beauty, it also works as a wallet where you can store your cash and cards. With a 2 in 1 feature, the Wallet Armor phone case is quite possibly one of the best iphone accessories users can invest in.

</p> <h2>2.Airpods</h2> <p>


It’s impossible not to listen to music. Wherever you are, wherever you may go, music is an essential way of killing time, relaxing, or just simply making it more entertaining to finish off your tasks. And while there is still an availability of wired earphones for the iPhone 11 pro in the market, a better option would be to invest in Airpods. Savvy and cool, airpods are quite trendy these days, and their bluetooth, wireless feature makes them easier and more efficient to use. Apple definitely does not compromise on the Airpods’ quality, ensuring that users get maximum usage in a  single charge. Statistically, Airpods are one of the most commonly used iPhone 11 pro gadgets.

</p> <h2><strong>3.Screen Protector</strong></h2> <p>

Screen Protector

Most users undermine the advantages of having a screen protector on your phone, but it has proven to be just as effective and important as having a protective phone case. The screen is quite possibly the most fragile part of the phone, and the most sensitive and used part as well.

Any sort of damage to the screen will ultimately affect the performance of your phone when it comes to touch sensitivity. Along with that, any potential cracks on the screen in front of your camera will lower down camera quality as well. The only option in this case would be to get a screen replacement, which can be quite costly, with the amount being as much as the price of the iPhone 11 pro itself. The ESR iPhone 11 Pro screen protector prevents any such instances from occurring, ensuring that your newly bought, precious device is safe and sound. The ESR screen protector also comes along with its own installation kit, making the entire process so much more easier for iPhone 11 pro users.

</p> <h2><strong>4.Wireless Charger</strong></h2> <p>

Wireless Charger

With the world becoming more and more technologically advanced with each passing day, all sorts of technological products are moving towards being wireless now. And this is where wireless charging comes into view. One of the newly introduced gadgets for iPhone 11 Pro is a wireless charger. Anker Powerwave’s wireless charger allows up to 7.5 W of charging, the exact rate that is required for the iPhone 11 Pro. Not only can users use this charger to charge their phone horizontally, but it can also be done in a vertical position as well. The charger itself is a compact size, and works perfectly well for those who might be travelling frequently.

</p> <h2>5.Power Bank</h2> <p>

Power Bank

Your phone’s battery running out when you need it the most is a very common problem that is faced by most individuals. Having a powerbank ready on hand helps eliminate such problems, allowing users to navigate through their phones easily without any stress or worry. The Anker PowerCore power bank is categorised as one of the best iphone 11 pro gadgets. This 20000 mAh has the ability to charge your iPhone 11 pro to full capacity at least 4 times, in just one singular charge. Along with that, it also supports 2 different types of cables such as the USB Type-C and the USB Type-A, preventing users from going through the hassle of searching for one cable that can fit into a port.

</p> <h2><strong>6.Wireless Power Bank</strong></h2> <p>

Wireless Power Bank

The only thing better than a powerbank, is a wireless power bank. Since wireless technological items are the new thing these days, it’s best to jump onto the train before it’s too late. The Kenu BingeBank’s wireless power bank is yet another product that is categorized as one of the best gadgets for iPhone 11 pro. This power bank has the ability to give your phone 10W Qi wireless charging, and has enough capacity to fully charge your iPhone 11 Pro for up to 2 to 3 times on one singular charge. Not only that, this wireless power bank has been proven to charge iPhones faster than any regular, wired power bank.

</p> <h2><strong>7.Car Phone Holder</strong></h2> <p>

Car Phone Holder

We all know the dangers of using your phone while driving, but sometimes it’s just impossible not to attend an important phone call, or have a look at the maps while you search for your designated destination. The ESR Magnetic Car Phone Holder is here to solve all such problems, allowing users to make maximum usage of their phone while on the road. Not only does this phone holder help you use your phone while driving, it is also an excellent place to store your phone and ensure that it is safe while you’re on the road. With a 360 degree adjustable angle, you can easily view your phone from any point while driving, making the entire experience of using your phone worthwhile.

</p> <h2><strong>8.Phone stand</strong></h2> <p>

Phone stand

Given the fact that online conferences are quite popular these days, it’s possible to attend a Zoom conference call on your iPhone 11 Pro by using a phone stand. The ESR flexible phone stand will grip your phone firmly into position, allowing it to stay into that exact position while you can use your remaining free hands to perfectly execute an online conference. The phone stand also works well for content creators, such as Youtubers and Instagrammers who might want to show off specific products, or techniques, but cannot do so with one of their hands being busy holding the phone they are recording themselves with. The stand itself is quite sturdy, made out of aircraft grade aluminium, and is perfectly capable of handling the weight of an iPhone 11 pro.

</p> <h2><strong>9.Pop Sockets</strong></h2> <p>

Pop Sockets

The iPhone 11 Pro is quite a large phone, and can end up being slightly bulky and heavy for some users. The invention of pop sockets was made using these particular users in mind, so that they can use their phones with ease without the fear of constantly fumbling it or dropping it. These adhesive Pop Sockets can be customized by users according to their wishes, as they come in various sizes, as well as colours and patterns. Pop sockets are an excellent way for users to get used to the size of their phone, especially if they’re upgrading from a smaller phone to a much larger one. Along with preventing slip ups and falls, pop sockets can also be used as a stand by users. These work well for when users might need to watch a video, or maybe some movie or tv show on their phone.

</p> <h2><strong>10.Camera Lens Protector</strong></h2> <p>

Camera Lens Protector

Many users avoid using a camera lens protector as they are afraid that these protectors will diminish the quality of the pictures taken from those cameras, which is definitely not the case. The ESR iPhone 11 Pro Camera Lens protector prevents the cameras on the phone from possibly getting scratched or damaged. A scratch or damage to your iPhone’s camera will most definitely lead to a fall in the quality of pictures. Since these protectors are extra thin, they ensure that clarity is not lost from pictures while the protectors have been applied to the cameras.

These are the top 10 best gadgets for iPhone 11 pro that one could buy, and customize with their device. It is possible to use these gadgets to gift it to a loved one who might have recently bought the iPhone 11 Pro.

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