5 Best Gadgets for Long Distance Relationships

5 Best Gadgets for Long Distance Relationships

Most people associate negative connotations and aspects with a long distance relationship, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Being in a long distance relationship has a few perks of its own, such as being able to kick back and relax on your own, and not having to share that last slice of pizza with your S/O.

But there might be times where you end up missing your partner dearly. In such instances, most people tend to buy cool and quirky gadgets that work perfectly as long distance gifts, to remind their partner about how much they love them. Interested in knowing what these products are? We’ve compiled the top 5 weirdest, yet insanely cool long distance relationship gifts that will blow your mind away.

1. HEY Long Distance Touch Bracelets

HEY Long Distance Touch Bracelets Features

Miss having the feeling of your partner’s hand wrapped around yours? These long distance touch bracelets by FeelHey are an excellent substitute for mimicking that action, all while your partner is miles apart from you. These touch bracelets allow couples to feel close together, even while they are far apart, and are quite possibly one of the ebay gadgets for long distance relationships. Infact, having a touch bracelet might be more thought invoking, and romantic than sending your S/O  a simple text or call when you’re thinking of them.

The workings of these bracelets is quite simple. Each and every time your partner crosses your mind, or whenever you’re thinking of your partner, just give the bracelet on your hand a tap. Your partner’s bracelet will then gently squeeze their wrist, as if you were holding it in the palm of your hand. The message being conveyed in this manner is quite sweet, while being subtle at the same time. This small, intimate moment is also something that is shared amongst a couple only, making it so much more romantic and wholesome.

The bracelet itself operates through Bluetooth, and is dependent on the Hey app to transmit signals from one bracelet to the other corresponding one. Although this bracelet is targeted as gifts for long distance relationships, even parents can use these bracelets with their kids and remind them whenever they’re thinking of them. The gentle squeeze on the wrist sends a thought invoking and heartfelt message, without any words having been spoken.

HEY Long Distance Touch Bracelets


  • The bracelet is easy to use and does not require any highly advanced technical knowledge.
  • Only specific areas on the bracelet can be tapped to send a message, preventing accidental multiple messages being sent due to accidental touch or bumping.
  • The bracelet is available in 2 colours, black and white, looks stylish, and works well with almost every outfit.
  • Hey Bracelet is weather proof, so users do not need to worry about their bracelet accidentally getting wet.


  • Without a stable Wifi connection, these bracelets will not operate.
  • The app needs to be open at all times for the bracelet to work.
  • Glitches and lags have been experienced by customers while using this bracelet.
  • Vibrations are similar to a vibrating phone, and might not feel as pleasant for some users.
  • Bracelet needs to be tapped twice in order to wake up every single day.

The Hey Bracelet has been commended by most users for being a cool and innovative concept. When it comes to gifts for long distance relationships, Hey Bracelet might just be the perfect option for you. Make sure you get a pair before your partner leaves for a long journey.

2. Pillow Talk by Little Riot

Pillow Talk by Little Riot Features

Everyone’s heard of the term Pillow Talk, but this little gadget by Little Riot takes the term into a more literal and technological sense. Sleeping by yourself in a long distance relationship can be quite heavy and burdensome, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. This heartbeat speaker is the perfect solution for your problem. Pillow Talk by Little Riot comprises a wristband, which can be worn by one partner to record their heartbeat. This heartbeat is then sent over to your partner’s corresponding gadget, which is the cushiony pillow itself, allowing the pillow to slightly flicker and become warm. The warmth of the device makes it seem as if your partner is sleeping soundly right next to you, making the device a very thoughtful and touching gadget for long distance lovers.

Pillow Talk has also had some significant upgrades from when it had been launched. The device itself is operated through an application, and allows users to have the ability to “signal” their partners that it is now time for them to go to bed. The speakers, which are to be placed underneath the pillow, will allow you to hear your partner’s heartbeat, making it seem as if you were sleeping on their chest. This is excellent for when your partner has had an extremely long day, and is too tired to have a chat with you.riot pillow


  • Gives users warmth, and a sense of security that their partner is sound asleep in bed.
  • Develops a deeper bond and connection between partners, even when they are miles apart.
  • Gets rid of the loneliness and frustration one faces in a long distance relationship when they have to sleep alone.
  • Heartbeat sensor is removable, making it really easy to clean the device itself.
  • The fabric of the wristband is soft and comfortable, making sure the wearer rests easily without any irritation from the wristband.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Partners need to be in closer timezones for this device to be practical enough to use.
  • Users may face some connectivity issues with this device.

When it comes to long distance gifts, Pillow Talk ends up being a very cute solution to a major problem faced by couples in long distance relationships.

3. Fidelity Rings for TV Show Fans

Fidelity Rings for TV Show Fans Features

Every couple has their own favourite pastime, hobby, or activity that they like doing together. For some couples, it’s watching tv shows. These fidelity rings will prevent your and your partner from watching certain tv shows without the other. Cornetto has recently released these pairs of rings in hopes of preserving a favourite pastime of most couples i.e. watching tv shows together. It’s natural for your partner to get offended if you continue a tv series, or finish watching one without them. To make sure that such an event does not occur, the fidelity rings for tv shows were introduced.

These smart rings must be worn by the couple at all times, and are synchronized with almost all of the most popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more. Wearing these rings will make it impossible for you to continue watching an extra episode of your favorite tv show, as these rings will simply block your access to these streaming sites. These rings will indefinitely put a stop to the worst crime of all, that is series cheating. These rings are quite possibly one of the best long distance relationship gifts for guys, as well as girls who are fans of tv shows.



  • Stops your partner from watching your favourite tv shows without you.
  • Easy to access and use.
  • Can be installed on both iOS and Android


  • Users may face connectivity issues.
  • It has been reported that these rings will not work properly if only one of them is connected to the application.
4. Frebble Hand Holding Device

Frebble Hand Holding Device Features

Most people would categories this device as being somewhat weird, yet sweet at the same time. Frebble has come out with a device that basically mimics the act of holding someone’s hand – someone who lives miles apart from you. And while most people may not admit, the act of having your hand held, or getting it gently squeezed by a loved one, can instantly make your day a thousand times better.

The biggest gap that can be seen on the internet and in the digital world is the act and sense of touch. You may be able to relay all sorts of sense to your loved one through online texts, and video calls, but you are still unable to touch them. Frebble came out with this hand holding device as an attempt to bridge this gap present in the digital world.

Two of these devices are required to make the actual process of “hand holding” work. You will have to hold one of the devices in your hand while your partner holds the other one at the same time. By squeezing your device, you will be sending a signal or a hand hold to your partner who is holding the other corresponding device. In response, your partner can squeeze back their device and send you a hand hold in return. It is best recommended to be using these devices while on a video call with your partner, to make it seem as if you two are almost sitting next to each other. This is a sweet and touching way of connecting with your partner, and is one of the best long distance relationship gifts for girls and guys alike.

Frebble Hand Holding Device


  • A sweet and touching way of virtually holding your loved ones hands.
  • Can be used by parents for their kids, as well as grandparents for their grandkids.
  • Has a long battery life.


  • The device may be perceived as weird looking or strange.
  • Users have complained about the battery life fluctuating from device to device.
5. HB Ring

HB Ring Features

A smart ring that allows you to feel your partner’s heartbeat? Yes Please! The HB Ring drips of sophistication and luxury, made out of premium, luxurious and high quality materials such as 18k rose gold, and sapphire glass. This technological gadget is perfect for long distance relationships, as it allows lovers to view their partner’s heartbeat by simply tapping on the smart ring. Not only that, partners will be viewing a real time heartbeat of their lover, but they also have an option to save and record the last heartbeat, so that it can be viewed in cases where the real time heartbeat cannot be played or viewed. What makes these 2 rings so sophisticated and exceptional is the fact that your partner will not even realize when their heartbeat is being transmitted, and how their existence can just put a smile onto your face. Users can also avail the option of getting their partner’s heartbeat played randomly during the day to make their day a million times better.

Although these rings can be availed in rose gold, a traditional version of stainless steel smart rings are also available to those users who might be interested in something more simple. Due to how stylish these rings are, many users are now substituting these smart rings as their engagement rings as well.

HB Ring


  • Is a cute and thoughtful way of being together with your partner.
  • Can be substituted as an engagement ring.
  • Is stylish enough to be paired with any sort of outfit.
  • Easy to use.


  • They are quite expensive.
  • Rings need to be connected to WiFi as well as the mobile application at all times for them to work.
  • The rings do not provide any useful alerts such as a high or low heart rate.
  • Battery drains out after 14 hours, meaning that the rings need to be constantly charged.
  • May put users in a state of panic if their partner’s heartbeat is not available under some circumstances.
The above given gifts are the top 5 best gadgets for long distance relationships one could opt for. You can buy one of these for your friends who might be in a long distance relationship, or for you and your S/O if one of you plans on travelling afar for a while. Some might categories these gifts as weird, but they are a cute and thoughtful way of reminding your partner that you exist, and that virtually you are there with them, no matter how great the physical distance is.

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