5 Best Gadgets for Web Developers

Best Gadgets for Web Developers

When it comes to web developers and technology, there is a strong connection between both. Both support each other in every aspect. Technology and the gadgets invented these days are beneficial for all of us, but web developers can ease their lives more than us with such items. These gadgets can simplify the life of web developers, which is why they love to own them. If you plan to gift them, you might be confused between many available options. Without guidance, you won’t be able to select the best gadgets for web developers. Hence we are here for you.

It is a challenging task for some to choose a suitable gadget for your friend or relative who is a web designer. Because the web developers spend most of their time in front of a screen, you should think about gadgets or gifts for web developers related to the office and screens. Various tech inventions are beneficial for any web designer these days. We will mention the 5 best gadgets for web developers to make it easier for you to select the appropriate one.

5 Best Gifts for Web Designers

Here is the list of unique and useful gadgets for your web designer to make their life convenient:

</p> <h2>1. UI Stencils Website Stencil Kit</h2> <p>
  • Steel plates
  • Variety of icons and symbols
  • High quality
  • Large icons
  • Suitable for UI UX design
  • Suitable for journaling and notes


Web designing is fun for the ones who are passionate about it. If you are worried about choosing the best gadgets for developers, you are at the right spot. You might be new to the term, UI stencils but they are quite helpful for the web developer. UI stencils are well-known for producing the best tools for wireframes sketching if your web designer loves to draw their design on paper. The kit comes with the essentials to make it a favorite choice of any web developer. There is a stainless-steel plate, protective plastic, mechanical pencil, and 2 UI stencil stickers. It means the kit has all the things you will need as a web developer who loves to design on paper.

To create a perfect stencil tool, the quality is proved to be incredible with stainless steel. This ultimate tool is of high quality, but the icons present on this plate are larger enough compared to other stencils. Larger icons are suitable to design even with any marker or pencil. It is one of the convenient and best gadgets for web developers, artists, journalists, and more. This gadget is easy to carry, making it highly portable. The plate includes all required social media icons for the best possible designs. UI stencils kit is a portable, ideal gift for every web developer without any doubt. This stencil allows you to design the best sketch ever with all icons you may need. Usually, stencils like these are not so sturdy, but UI stencils are thick and durable. They won’t break easily as they are of high-quality steel. You can use this kit to design or sketch anything for your notes.


  • Easy to carry
  • Made from premium materials to last longer
  • Have big icons to sketch easily
  • Includes all needed icons for convenience
  • Ideal gift for web designers, students, journalists, teachers, etc


  • It may have some rough edges
  • Too large icons for some users
</p> <h2>2. Boogie Board 8.5 Inch LCD Writing Tablet</h2> <p>
  • Thin and attractive design
  • Features ideal size of 8.5 inches
  • LCD equipped tablet
  • Available in three different colors
  • Have magnets on the back to be mounted on the refrigerator


Want to get rid of those piles of papers? The never-ending search for pencils and erasers, feeling bad for trees, then it’s time to get this fantastic LCD-equipped tablet which is suitable for all. You can quickly write and erase it along with it; you can save the sketches and designs. It is the best gift for developer as, after this, they won’t need any notebook, paper, pen, and much more. You can also benefit yourself with a free companion app. So, you can quickly scan the images you want as the tablet can’t do that alone.

This thin LCD can be used to make different sketches and designs. With a circular erase button, it is so easy to make changes. It comes with a stylus to do your writing and convenient designing. If you are not in the mood to draw, use the stylus as a kickstand for the tablet. The batteries can be changed after 50,000 erases, which is enough.

Your ready-to-go tablet is always there for you as one of the best gadgets for web developers, and you can carry it anywhere without any worries. It even fits your purse or bag because of its sleek design and lightweight. It is thin and impressive, which is the reason for its popularity. There is no hassle of switching it on or off, as it is always turned on for you. The stylus has a green shade that you can’t change, but it looks cool. If you want to save your sketch, you will need to install a boogie board app to scan, or else you will lose the image as the tablet itself can’t save it.


  • Easy and accurate sketches
  • No need to worry about the power button
  • Durable plastic construction
  • The stainless stylus is included
  • Any other instrument can be used
  • Ultra-thin tablet


  • No images are saved in the tablet itself
  • No color changes available for the stylus
  • Scanned pictures are not of good quality
</p> <h2>3. Gunnar Haus Computer Glasses</h2> <p>
  • Crystalline and tinted options
  • Available in a variety of lenses and frames
  • You can choose from computer and gaming glasses
  • Made up of various, high-quality materials
  • Blue-light filtering technology

Gunnar Haus Computer Glasses

Gunnar Haus computer glasses are comfortable and the best gadgets for web developers. As web designers spend a lot of time using monitors, their eyes get affected. To reduce the harmful effect, these computer glasses are the right gift for them. There is no need to worry about frames or designs. Gunnar has all the appealing options for you, including rectangular, circular, thick, and thin frames. Most of the frames feature different tint options according to your choices. Crystalline lenses are suitable for blocking 10 percent of light with light tints, liquet blocks 35 percent, and amber blocks about 65 percent of blue light. All of these tints block 100 percent UV light.

Gunnar creates light, comfortable, and balanced computer glasses to feel relaxed and satisfied while using them. They will make it easier for you to use the monitor for a long duration without any issues. Moreover, they won't darken the environment much but add a simple warmer setting so that you don't feel the need to take them off frequently. Your eyes will feel much better with the use of Gunnar computer glasses even after several hours. Choose the right tint according to your need to block blue light. Well, amber is the most demanding tint of Gunnar glasses. With these top-quality computer glasses, you will be able to work as much as you can without harming your eyes.


  • Provides a wide variety of frames to make your selection easier
  • Let’s you spend hours on screen
  • It comes with slight tints
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable to be used for a more extended period


  • Tints get intense when you use light reducing apps
</p> <h2>4. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse</h2> <p>
  • New software perk
  • Right-handed
  • Eight buttons
  • Large thumb wing
  • Faster speed

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

If you are one of those multi-taskers and want to work without any disruptions, then a Logitech MX Master wireless mouse is what you may need. This incredible mouse is one of those gadgets for web developers that lets you work as much as possible. A clickable scroll wheel on the top makes it easier for you to scroll better and faster. There is a more extensive thumb rest so that you can feel comfortable while spending hours using the screen. Not only this, but there are two macro buttons on the side for your convenience. One is for scrolling, and the other works as a gesture wing. You can have four input methods with it. These things make the Logitech wireless mouse a better choice.

Don’t worry if your web developer friend is a beginner because the improvements are so helpful for the new users. Its scroll wheel is chrome-plated with the electromagnetic feature. This magnetized wheel helps you scroll better in a relaxing way. The ergonomic shape of this mouse feels like a glove for all your fingers to rest amazingly. Its darkfield sensor helps the mouse determine movements on any surface, including glass, wood, plastic, and cloth. Isn’t it amazing? The battery life is also incredible as it works for you for about 70 days with a single charge. You can even have fun for hours with this mouse if you charge it for a minute or two. This wireless friend makes your life comfortable and convenient because there are no wires to annoy you and your connection.


  • Super-comfy scrolling
  • It feels like a glove
  • Faster speed
  • Fantastic charge life
  • No messy cords
  • Compatible for more than three devices
  • Electromagnetic scroll button with several beneficial features
  • Works on almost any surface


  • When you connect it with multiple devices via a wireless adapter, you will face some issues, possibly
</p> <h2>5. Amazon Basics Single Premium Monitor Stand</h2> <p>
  • Extends and retracts
  • Have a tilting feature
  • Can rotate easily
  • Compatible for several monitors
  • Space-saving

Basics Single Premium Monitor Stand

Unlike other monitor stands, this stand can move freely. Its smooth and flexible motion ability makes it different from others. It adjusts perfectly according to your requirements. Amazon basics monitor is one of the best gadgets for web developers that can increase and decrease the distance from your eyes to have a comfortable solution for long working hours. It can expand up to 30inches in height and about 25 inches outward. What else do you want? To move it up or down and forward or back, you will need to touch it lightly, which is the best part. It can handle even huge monitors with a limit of about 25 pounds and 34 inches. Well, larger screens can also fit in if the weight doesn’t exceed the max limit.

When you purchase this top-notch monitor stand, you will be free of the clutter of the cord and wires lying here and there. Why? Because it also features a cable management system for your ease and convenience. You can tuck those wires in the arm of this stand to organize all those things for a better and clean working space. You can fold the arm to the base when not in use to save your space. Now coming towards installation, it is so easy and straightforward to install an amazon basics premium single monitor stand. You can unpack and install the stand in no time without any mishaps. It is the best way to set your monitor according to your needs while keeping your workstation clean and organized.


  • Compatible with most of the monitors
  • It can handle about 25 pounds and 34 inches
  • Flexible movements
  • Adjustable height and distance for your convenience
  • Features a cable management system
  • Easy installation process
  • Space-saving and foldable


  • The tension screw is not so good in some cases

Final Verdict

A web developer has a tough job that requires them to sit in front of a screen for more extended periods. Hence, they need some best gadgets for web developers to simplify and ease their work. If you buy them any gift from the gadgets mentioned above, it would be excellent and convenient for them to work longer. There are some other gadgets for web designers, but not all are worth giving a try. We have listed down some of the most demanding and beneficial gadgets for your web developer friend so that the web developer feels special and thankful.

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