7 Cool Gadgets for Your Room

7 Cool Gadgets for Your Room

If you have room gadgets in your home that are really cool gadgets for your room then you are turning your life really towards ease and comfort.  What if you can grab your hands on the gadgets that are really great smart bedroom gadgets and are happening to be the best room gadgets. This means that this is probably the best room gadgets articles you read today. And no doubt you will find the best gadgets for the room in this article here.

7 Cool Gadgets for Your Room

Let us explore the list of 7 Cool Gadgets for Your Room available in the market. And find out if there are really gadgets for your room available that can fully fill your needs completely.

1. Google iHome for the bedroom- The Assistant

Features Of Google iHome


  • You may have the google home at any place in your home and this is rightly considered the home gadget but this is truly helpful in the bedroom. Especially when you want it to wake you up in the morning with the best song. This really refreshes the day for you. You can do all this even without getting up from your bed.
  • All you need to do is just to say ok google and google is ready to serve you as per your demand. If you set the alarm before then this will play the song automatically for you in the morning at the time you desired it to play the song for you. Although there are alternative products available like Amazon Echo is available but these are not as good as this one by Google. This is easy to charge this device as this can rest well on your table top.
  • Beautiful display of the time really makes a beautiful piece to sit on your table top. The voice command is more than enough for this to play your favourite voice. If it is the music or even the book you want to listen to at any time of the day. This also provides you the facility to run the multiple alarms.
  • So if you try you can easily plan your day with the help of the iHome Google Assistant. This is available in the cylindrical shape the color of the iHome Google Assistant is white and it is from the ihome brand. If you have multiple rooms in your home. You can play multiple different sounds in the different rooms.
  • The news in one the books in other and the songs in some. If you desire you can even group the rooms to play the same in the grouped room. This is really easy to create connectivity with the different speakers placed in different rooms.
2. Electric Instant Port - The Smart Pressure Cooker

Features Of Smart Pressure Cooker

instant pot

  • This product of the Instant Pot is available in the silver color and is made of stainless steel. Capacity of this really smart kitchen gadget is 2.8 liters. You may be thinking that why we have placed this gadget in the category of the best room gadgets while this is actually a kitchen gadget.
  • This is so mining that it can be placed anywhere even in the bedroom. Secondly this is the best device to handle your late night cravings really very well. 
  • You can even schedule your cooking with this modern piece of the technology. Even if you are not at home this will start cooking for you and as soon as you reach home it is ready to serve you with the meal of your desire. Thanks to the most modern microprocessor of the 3rd generation used in this device. 
  • Instant Pot Lux Mini is full of options. Actually this is the device that provides you with 6 different types of the functionalities. You can keep it warm for as long as the ten hours. You may apply the pressure cooking technique with the help of this for 240 minutes continuously.
  • 3 different types of cooking speeds are available with the help of the temperature maintaining mechanism. Don’t worry you don’t have to do it on your own. This is a built in system in the Instant Pot Lux Mini that will do this magic for you. 
  • This super smart gadget has the ability to perform the tasks of at least6 different appliances used in your kitchen. So if you have this in your kitchen you don’t need to have the stainless steel steam rack in your kitchen. Others include Soup Spoon, rice paddle and measuring cup. It already has a recipe booklet instales in it. The manual is available in the English language and you can schedule your cooking by setting up the time table. 
  • The Power supply is really very convenient and is domestically available widely this is  120V – 60Hz. Dimensions are more than convenient to place it anywhere in your kitchen these are 11.50 x 10.51 x 10.51 inches.
  • Do you know that you can even create some really special desserts with it.so next time when you make the  chocolate lava cake chili, and  ramen, with Instant Pot Lux Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 6-in-1 don’t forget to say thanks to us.
3. The Magical Alarm Clock

Features Of Magical Alarm Clock

digital alaram clock

  • This can perform multiple magics for you. Enhancing the beauty of your room, you can look at the time in the dark means you don’t need to turn the light on, you don’t need to focus on the time, you do not require to look for the phone and turn it on to look at the time. 
  • Boom the magic happens and the magical clock appears that can perform all these functionalities for you. This is the gadget that must be available in the bedroom. So if you are preparing a list of your bedroom gadgets. Don’t miss this gadget from the list.
  • Keep yourself updated with the  atmospheric conditions. It provides you with the current temperature. You can store upto three alarm times in it. So if you have this in the bed room the delay is the matter of the past. Why not provide this as a gift for your kids. This will certainly shape the habit of the kids to be punctual from an early age. It surely enhances their performance in the upcoming life and prepares them well for the future challenges.

It is such a beautiful masterpiece that you can use it as a beautiful piece of the art and can place anywhere in your house especially in the bed rooms. 

4. The Little Handy Tiny vacuum

Features Of Handy Tiny vacuum


  • The mess is bad no matter whatever the form is. This can be in the form of the sand, pet hair, soot and even the crumbs. What if all these are in your living room or on the bedroom couch? Top really annoying isn’t it. Yes it is. Time to handle this small mess intelligently. We have a super smart cleaning gadget for you that can work well in your living room.
  • La la la la this is the SPIDER it is a hand held vacuum cleaner not only in the bedroom this min vacuum cleaner can also work well in your car too. You can easily clean the areas inside and hard to reach for the traditional vacuum cleaner with this smart easy to use hand held vacuum cleaner. So next time you are making a list of car gadgets or the bedroom gadgets you are thinking of buying. Do not forget to include this item as part of the shopping list. 
  • This provides you with multiple benefits. Just give you an idea about its size. This is not more than the size of a wine bottle , that weighs just around 1.3 pounds. Isn’t it really handy to carry? 
  • You don’t need a constant power supply with this, all you need to do is to just charge it for a smaller amount of time and then use it for a longer time period. This will cj=charge fully in just 3 hours or slightly more and you can do the vacuum with this charging for continuous 30 minutes. It has two operational mids available. 
  • It comes with the filters that can be new again after the washing. You should be sure about its quality as you can return it in the first 90 days. More over this comes with a warranty of one year.
5. The lighter that can be charges

Features Of Electric Lighter

candle lighter

  • You are a type who cares for the environment. Yet remain stylish then this Candle Lighter is for you. This Electric Lighter is  Rechargeable. So this can be easily used as a Camping Lighter. Next time you are preparing a list of camping gadgets don’t put this  Arc Windproof Flameless lighter away from this list. 
  • This  USB Firework Lighter is also equipped with a  Battery Display. This display is in the form of the LED. Safety measures are properly taken as it is a lighter with a  Safety Switch. You don’t have to tilt your hand in order to use this lighter. A Longer handle is available that also has a  Flexible Neck. This provides you with additional support. And an additional note is that you may also use it as a kitchen gadget; it helps you well for the BBQs.
6. The Charging Station for the Multiple Devices

Features Of Charging Station

vogek 50w

  • More and more devices have started to accompany us. Most of these need charging if not all. This is really hard to maintain different charges for all the devices. What if you get a device that can perform the multiple device charging for you simultaneously and you do not need to maintain the charger for all.
  • With Vogek 50W Charging Station for Multiple Devices, you can charge 5 devices simultaneously. The reason is that the 5 USB Fast Ports are available. Yup I understand that not all devices have the same type of charging ports this need is also well addressed in this device.
  • You will get 8 Short Mixed Cables to address this issue well. This means that different types of the devices that are needed to be charged through different types of the ports can easily be handled.
  • As you see that these are enough to address your problem but this is not the all you will get with the Vogek 50W Charging Station. The other accessories included with the charging station for the multiple devices are the Watch that will update you with the current time. An Airpod Stand of course that you need to carry the Cell Phones.
  • This can also carry the Smart Phones, the Tablets, and all other types of the products including the iWatch, and Airpods. This Charging Station for the Multiple Devices is available in Black color.
7. Cook eggs Rapidly and hassle-free

Features Of Dash Rapid Egg Cooker/su_heading]


  • Breakfast is always in a hurry. Especially if you are a family with the kids no doubt that this is the most necessary and the utmost important meal that you should take during the day. But due to the busy schedule this is the most ignored meal too. Egg is an important part of this meal as it is an energy pack and provides you with the energy boost you require to start your day well.
  • Dash Rapid Egg Cooker provides you with the facility to cook as much as 6 Eggs simultaneously. The good thing is that you don’t need to be there all the time.
  • This does all the work itself after the initial start up. This Electric Egg Cooker can serve you well with the Hard Boiled Eggs as well as with the perfect soft boiled eggs but this is not the all that you can get with this.
  • The other serving capacity of this Electric Egg Cooker includes Poached Eggs. Your wish is its command if you want Scrambled Eggs or the Omelets. The safety features are not missed on this device; this is the reason that it comes with the Auto Shut Off Feature.
  • If you are living in a small apartment or if you are the type of guy who is in a habit ti use things intelligently then this is the piece of technology you must have in your life. Don’t miss, it grab it. This will really solve multiple problems for you.

Final Words

Gadgets really make your life easy especially if these are used with smart and intelligent use. Here we have introduced you with some of the best Cool Gadgets for Your Room. Some of these can be used as kitchen gadgets and camping gadgets too. One or two are also handy to be used in the car and you will certainly find some useful with the safety purpose too.

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