CoronaVirus Travel Updates

CoronaVirus Travel Updates N

Want to know more about coronavirus travel updates? You’re at the right place, here in this article you will all related information about the coronavirus travel updates worldwide.

Worldwide the number of Corona virus-infected people has exceeded 212,000 and nearly 9000 have died. The UN Secretary-General has issued a stern warning to world leaders about working together to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Spread of CoronaVirus Across the Globe

According to the latest World Health Organization data, 205,000 people have been infected with Coronavirus in 170 countries around the world.

There are different palette formats for data collection, some of which are more reliable than others. The following is a list of the countries where the Coronavirus is most affected. We made this list through Johns Hopkins University’s collected data in the United States or through various government department health statistics.

China 81,102
Italy 35,713
Iran 17,361
Spain 13,910
Germany 12,327
France 9,134
South Korea 8,413
United States 7,757
Switzerland 3,028
UK 2,626

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Social Isolation is the best way to prevent the infections spread because of viruses. This is the reason that different countries have imposed travel restrictions in order to control this virus. This situation is very annoying, especially for international travelers. Here we have brought the most recent updates regarding the instructions imposed at different international and regional borders due to Corona. We have divided this article into portions as per the geographical locations so that you can understand your situation better.

Traveling Restrictions Imposed in USA Due to Corona Virus

The United States has announced the closure of the Canada-bound border in the wake of the Coronavirus. But what’s the latest situation in America?

At least 6496 people across the country have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus while 114 have died. On Tuesday, President Trump announced a relief plan that would send a $ 1,000 check to every American citizen. State and local governments are taking steps to prevent the spread of the outbreak, as orders for ‘stay-at-home’ orders are issued in the Bay Area of California, and for three weeks in addition to meeting citizens’ important needs. He has been instructed to stay indoors. In the state of Washington, which is most affected by the Coronavirus, medical staff have resorted to making temporary masks to care for patients because of a shortage of drugs and medical equipment.

US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have agreed to close the border between the two countries for all unnecessary travel. President Trump said in his tweet that it would not affect trade. Both countries have already imposed travel restrictions on other countries, but no measures have been taken so far regarding each other.

Traveling Restrictions Imposed in Canada due to Corona Virus

Canada relies on the United States for 75% of its exports, and before that, Justin Trudeau has been avoiding negotiations to close the border with his most important trading partner. On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Christiana Freeland said, “There are about two million people passing through every day and there is a lifeline for people on both sides of the border.” The two countries trade on the border with about $ 2 billion daily.

Canada, like many other countries, has announced the closure of its borders for foreigners, but the ban will not apply to Canada’s own citizens and permanent residents. Announcing the travel ban on Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “the time has come to take every precaution to keep people safe.” Addressing Canadian citizens, he said: “Let me clarify that if you are abroad, it’s time to come home.” The Canadian prime minister said American citizens, aircraft crews and diplomats would be granted some exemptions.

Remember that the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife was diagnosed with the Coronavirus last week. No symptoms were found in Prime Minister Trudeau, but he would remain in isolation for 14 days. Currently, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Canada is 300.

Traveling Restrictions Imposed in Asia Due to CoronaVirus

The situation is the same in Asia as other parts of the world.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From India

India has announced to suspend international flights for one week from March 22. Addressing the public about the Coronavirus, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the public that everyone should stay in their homes from 7 am to 9 pm, imposing a curfew on Sunday.

He said that the public should do so as a test so that they can prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. He said that under the ‘Janata, a public curfew’ no one should get out of the house. Must not participate in any social events. Just leave the house for the most urgent tasks.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From Pakistan

The number of victims has risen to 380 after a new Coronavirus was revealed in Pakistan. According to a post issued by the interior ministry, the land border between Pakistan and India at Wagah-Attari has been closed for the next two weeks in view of the Coronavirus.

International flights are restricted to only three airports in Pakistan. The Pakistan International Airline makes it necessary to obtain the Corona free Certificate before traveling to Pakistan

The Government of the Punjab province of Pakistan has imposed Section 144 in the province in the wake of the Coronavirus and banned all private events, public gatherings and private concerts in homes. The province has also ordered the closure of all gymnasiums and snooker clubs. The ban will be in effect until April 4, 2020.

Inter-provincial transport of travelers to Balochistan has been banned immediately to prevent the Coronavirus.

The Sindh government has declared a partial ‘lockdown’ in the province and the chief minister has said that he wants to restrict people to homes because if the virus spreads, hospitals will be reduced. According to officials, all the restaurants and shopping centers of the province have been ordered to be closed for 15 days from Wednesday but vegetable and meat shops will be open in addition to grocery stores.

The public parks of the province and beaches in Karachi will also be closed tomorrow while all types of gathering permits have also been canceled. In addition, bus service between cities will also be closed on Thursday.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From Iran

Iran’s state-run media has warned its citizens not to travel to Nawroz. The events in connection with Nowruz will begin on March 20. Official radio said, “Traveling to Nowruz would be like inviting death.” Photos have been shared on social media where traffic jams can be seen on Iranian roads. In Iran, 18407 people have been confirmed coded 19 while 1284 have been killed.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From South Korea

Citizens not to travel abroad in South Korea Authorities in South Korea have directed their citizens to postpone or cancel unnecessary overseas travel. All citizens coming from abroad have also been instructed to stay in the house for two weeks..

Traveling Restrictions Imposed in EU Due to Corona Virus

Speaking to the nation on Wednesday, the king of Spain said, “The virus will not defeat us, it will transform us into a strong society.” The EU has closed its borders for all travelers outside the union for 30 days Italy has the highest number of deaths from Coronavirus in the world, where 3405 people have been confirmed dead from the virus, more than in China. The death toll in France has increased by 108 people in the last 24 hours and now the death toll from the Coronavirus has increased to 372 in the country. The leading health expert in France says the infection was ‘doubling every four days’ and the virus was spreading ‘rapidly and intensely.’

The EU has imposed restrictions on its borders for non-European citizens and is repatriating passengers. For 30 days, the EU is closing its borders for all outbound travelers to deal with the Coronavirus. The restriction will apply to 26 EU members, as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, but British citizens will be able to travel to Europe as usual.

The travel ban will affect all those who are not in the EU.

This restriction does not apply to people living in Europe for a long time or who are relatives of a European citizen or diplomat. This restriction does not apply to those working in the health sector.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From Germany

Passengers arriving at the biggest airport in Frankfurt, Germany, have been stopped from Turkey. It is unclear how many flights will be affected by this 30-day ban today. The German government is also trying to bring back more than one million of its citizens who are trapped abroad.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From Poland

Meanwhile, according to Polish media, there is a 40km long queue at the border with people returning to the country.

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From France

In France, the fine was reduced to 135 euros. In France today is the second day of a ban on citizens being restricted to their homes. According to French newspaper Le Monde, violators of the ban will now have to pay a fine of 135 euros, which was 38 euros on Tuesday. According to the newspaper, on the first day of the ban, the police were relaxed and people were not fined, but if you are walking on the streets of Paris for no reason, you may have to pay a fine.

What is happening in London due to CoronaVirus

According to the BBC correspondent for the royal family, Jonny Diamond, the Queen has left Buckingham Palace to Windsor Palace in the wake of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The statement from the royal palace states that the Queen visited Britain’s Windsor Palace on Easter, which has been visited a week earlier and is likely to stay there after Easter.

This happened at a time when the royal palace announced the postponement of the visit of the Emperor and Queen of Japan to Britain. The tour was planned for the spring, but now a new date will be determined later.

Traveling Restrictions Imposed in the Middle East due to CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus Travel Updates From UAE

The United Arab Emirates has suspended all labor categories in the country, until further notice. The entry of local visa holders has been banned from March 19 to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the country. This way only the citizens of the country will be allowed to enter the country.

This announcement includes Work Visa and Visa on Arule but will not apply to conversion and expo 2020 permits within a company.

The announcement said the decision was made after a discussion with the National Emergency and Disaster Prevention Authority. It is also hoped that the move will help curb the spread of Covid 19 in the country.

People working in the UAE or for some other reason have been asked to contact their country’s diplomatic mission ‘which will help them with their return to the UAE.’

So far 113 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the UAE.

Traveling Restrictions Imposed by the Australian and New Zealand Government

Australian and New Zealand governments have announced closing borders for foreigners.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said it will be implemented on Friday.

On the other hand, New Zealand Prime Minister Jasnda Ardern has said that the entry of foreigners will be banned from Thursday night.

New Zealand has banned the gathering of more than 100 people inside the buildings. However, the ban will not apply to educational institutions, offices, supermarkets, and public transport.

If you are an international traveler or have a plan to travel internationally. Stay connected with us for the most recent update about the traveling restrictions due to coronavirus. Be vigilant and stay safe.

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