How to Fill a Punching Bag with related things

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you will get the step by step guide of nearly all the possible fillings for the punching bags.

Many products have different purchase options. The same is the case with a punching bag. You can purchase a pre-filled punching bag or on the other hand, you have the option to purchase an empty punching bag and let it fill yourself.

in both cases, you will experience different pros and cons. If you purchased an already filled bag then this will decrease your labor work. But if you purchase an empty bag this will give you at least two main benefits.

  • Purchasing an empty punching bag is relatively cheaper than purchasing a pre-filled punching bag.
  • you can fill the bag as per your own choice. This means that you can adjust the weight and resistance of the bag as per your needs and requirements.

So we recommend that you purchase an empty bag and fill it as per your own needs and requirements.

How to find the appropriate weight of the bag for you?

There is a very simple rule of thumb to find the weight of the bag that actually suits your requirements.

Weight of the bag = your weight * 0.5

Note: all the calculations are made in pounds.

By putting the values in the above explain formula you can easily find the appropriate weight of the bag for you to practice boxing or do other types of exercises.

How to find the appropriate resistance of Punching bag for you?

Some materials are more resistant in comparison to other materials. This depends on your purpose. Usually, it is recommended that if you are a beginner then start with low resistance material. An example of reserve distance material is the cloth pieces.

As your strength increases you can add more resistance by replacing the material in the bag. An example of more resistant material is sand.

How to fill the punching bag?

Here we will guide you step by step how to fill the punching bag with different materials. Let’s start with the lightest and simple one first.

Fill the punching bag with cloth.

The cloth is the lightest material you can use to fill the punching bag. You can use the available cloth in your house. Make sure that these clothes are not in use anymore. So if these are useless then let’s make them useful again by filling the punching pad with them.

  • Collect sufficient number of clothes, and Remove the buttons from the cloth.
  • Make sure that no hard material like plastic is fitted on the cloth.
  • Cut the cloth into small strips. You can use the sharp razor to cut the cloth into small pieces.
  • if you feel that you do not have a sufficient number of clothes with you. Then you may buy clothes from an old cloth shop. The procedure will remain the same. As you do with your own cloth.
  • once you have enough small cloth pieces to be filled in the bag make sure that the weight is appropriate.
  • You must consult the formula narrated above about the weight of the bag.
  • Once you are sure that you have the material equal to the required weight. Now is the time to fill the bag with the cloth strips.
  • To fill the bag first you need to open it. Most bags have a zip-open.
  • In case your bag does not have the zip then consult the manual on how to open it.
  • Once open put the filling material in the bag.
  • After every 10 inches push the material with the help of a rod. So that it makes a perfect layer and there should not be any vacuum in the bag. You can use even a baseball bat or hockey instead of a rod.
  • Once filled, close your bag again. Now it is ready to use.

Fill the boxing punching bag with mixed material (cloth + sawdust )

  • If you require a bit resistant punching bag then you should try this filling.
  • Like the previous filling in this filling, you need the small pieces of cloth as well.
  • Try to grab all the wasted clothes of your house.
  • Remove the button or any other plastic accessories from the cloth.
  • Take a sharp razor to cut the cloth into small pieces.
  • You can place a bag of sawdust after every 10 inches filling of cloth in your bag.
  • It means that after a 10-inch layer of cloth you will put a sawdust bag.
  • To make the sawdust bag take a polythene bag.
  • Check the bag for all types of leakages.
  • The polythene bag should be able to contain at least 1 kilogram of sawdust.
  • The sawdust can be purchased from the carpenter’s workshop.
  • Put 900 grams of sawdust in the bag. And fold it from the corner of the bag.
  • Seal the bag with the help of a tape and put this bag in another polythene bag.
  • Completely wrap this bag with duct tape.
  • Open the bag now. Most bags can be opened with the help of the zip.
  • if your bag misses the zip then you should consult it’s manual.
  • If you want to add filling in your already filled bag then you have to put out all the filling which is already in the bag.
  • If the bag is already empty then you do not have to do this step.
  • Start to fill the bag with the small pieces of the cloth.
  • After every 10 inches push the cloth with the help of a rod. You can use a baseball bat or hockey or tennis racket instead of the rod.
  • This will ensure that no cavity is left.
  • After this 10 inch layer of the small pieces of cloth. Put a sawdust bag on the cloth layer.
  • Then again put a 10-inch layer off the cloth. And push it again with the rod
  • Again place another sawdust bag on it.
  • Repeat this procedure until the bag is completely filled.
  • Close the bag when it is filled and now put it at the proper place where it can be used.
  • The bag is all yours hit it.
  • But be sure to check all the safety measures.


this bag is still lighter no doubt that it is heavier than the only cloth pieces Field it is still lighter it means that it will not produce so much inertia that it can harm the player.

in some exercises or some training programs you may need more inertia to handle. For this we request you to use the next filling.

Fill the boxing punching bag with mixed material (cloth + sand)

  • Open the bag and empty it.
  • If you are filling a new bag or the empty bag then you don’t have to do the procedure number 1 and can directly shift on procedure number 3.
  • Grab some old cloth. Be sure that these clothes are useless. As you are going to cut them down.
  • Remove any plastic material attached to the cloth-like buttons.
  • Once all the accessories are removed from the cloth.
  • You cannot cut them down into small pieces so that these can be filled in the bag.
  • A sharp-edged razor can be used to cut the cloth into small pieces.
  • Make sure that the material you have produced to fill in the bag is of the same weight as mentioned in the formula mentioned above.
  • You may need to add more cloth. These clothes may not be available at your home. You can buy some cheap clothes from the second-hand clothes shop. To serve your purpose fully.
  • Prepare sandbags to be filled in the boxing bag.
  • Sandbags can be prepared very easily. What you need is polythene bags and duct tapes.
  • Take a polythene bag in which one kilogram of sand can be placed easily.Fill the bag with 900 grams of sand.
  • Fold the bag from upside. Seal this folding with the help of duct tape.
  • Place this side bag in another polythene bag. Wrap it with duct tape.
  • Open the boing bag so that the filling can be filled in the bag.
  • Make a 10-inch layer of cloth in the bag. Push the layer with the help of a rod so that no cavity is left.
  • Place a sandbag on the layer of the cloth. Repeat this procedure till the bag is completely filled.
  • Close the bag. Hang it at the appropriate place.
  • Be sure to take all the safety measures before start boxing on it. The bag is all yours, hit it with full power.


This is a relatively heavier bag. so that it will have more inertia than all the fillings explained before. So please please be safe and prepared to use this bag. You may get hurt.

Fill the boxing punching bag with mixed material (cloth + sand + sawdust)

Another alternate filling can be of small cloth pieces plus sand plus sawdust.  The sawdust and sandbags can be prepared as the procedure explained above.

The cloth should be prepared as mentioned in previous procedures. There is a small difference let me explain it to you.

First you make the 10-inch layer of the cloth pieces. Then place the sand bag after it and in the next layer place the sawdust bag. Repeat this procedure till the bag is completely filled.

User alert

By using the light bag you may not get the desired results. But if you use a heavy bag then you may get hurt. Choose the filling of the bag appropriately.

Fill the  heavy boxing bag with rubber mulch

The last filing for today is the rubber mulch. The reason why I choose this feeling is that the cloth filling and sand filling has some drawbacks. The drawback of the cloth filling is that it becomes so lumpy.

The problem with the sand filling is that the sand settles in such a manner that no place is left to hit the bag. Moreover, the bag becomes so heavy.

To tackle both these issues we can use rubber mulch as the filler in the boxing bag. The first thing here is that from where you will get this rubber mulch to fill your bag.

You can easily get this rubber mulch from any merchandiser who provides accessories for the garden.

The rubber mulch is available in two different shapes one is the rubber mulch nuggets and the second is the shredded form of the rubber mulch, both of these can be fine and can be used as the filler for the boxing bag. We even then recommend you use the second one that is the shredded one.

How to a punching bag with the rubber mulch?

The filling of the boxing bag with the rubber mulch is really very easy and you don’t need to read a step by step guide for it.

Repeat the procedure, as we have done before. There is no complexity involved as you have to push the cloth layer again and again. After every 10 inches with the rubber mulch you don’t have to do that.

Open the rubber mulch bag and simply put it in the boxing bag this will settle automatically. The maximum you can do is to pick your bag up and drop it on the floor. This will settle the rubber mulch in the bag boxing bag properly eliminating the vacuum.

Fill the rubber mulch till the bag will be filled. Now close it and put it on the appropriate place for the practice.

An added feature of this that when you hit the bag it looks like that you are actually hitting a human. This provides you the most realistic feel of a fight.

User Alert

Please remember that whatever filling you use always adopts the proper safety measures to remain safe during the practice.

Always remember the punching bag is to hit so practice hitting with it with maximum power, This can only be possible if you remain safe first.

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