Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus Testing

Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus Testing


The World Health Organization has declared Covid 19 as a global epidemic. Worldwide the number of Corona virus-infected people has exceeded two million and at least eight thousand have died. Corona patients are on the rise in Europe, while the United States has announced to close its border with Canada.The number of people infected with Coronavirus worldwide is increasing day by day. There is a similar situation in every country. Samples of suspected cases of Coronavirus are sent to the selected labs capable of detecting the Coronavirus.

The name of Coronavirus and the name of the infection it causes

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced in Geneva that the Coronavirus infection has been given a regular name. Now the disease will be called ‘Covid 19’.

Remember that the word coronavirus actually links it to the group of viruses to which it belongs. The virus itself is called SARS-CoV-2.

WHO’s Chief Dr. Tedros Adhonom Gabriess said, “We had to find a name that would not be associated with a geographical location, or an animal, a person or a group, and would be easier to pronounce and diagnose. Be related too. ‘

He said it is important to have a name so that the names or associated negative attitudes of other diseases are not used. And through it, a standard has also been set for the possible spread of coronavirus. ‘

The name Covid 19 is a combination of the words Corona, Virus, and Disease, and the 19 digit number indicates 2019.

Global outbreak term for the corona virus

Coronavirus are supposed to be those viruses which are transmitted to humans through animals as SARs-Cov and MERs-Cov. These both are from the coronavirus family and are transmitted by cats and camels to humans.

The source of this novel coronavirus is not detected yet so we don’t know which particular animal was the true source of transmitting this Covid-19 to the human system.

Not all coronaviruses can harm humans as,Canine and Feline coronaviruses are not potential to infect humans they mostly infect animals. But few coronaviruses have the potential to harm humans as well. And covid 19 is one one of them.

What is a coronavirus test?

The World Health Organization has until now been reluctant to use the term ‘global epidemic’ for the Corona virus.
But now the World Health Organization chief, Dr. Tedros Adnahom, has said that the World Organization is now using the term (global epidemic) because there is a deep concern over the ‘dangerous reduction of measures’ to deal with the virus.
The term global epidemic is specific to any infectious disease in which a large number of people in different countries are infected with each other. The last time the swine flu, which came out in 2009, was declared a global outbreak, killing nearly two million people.
The global outbreak is usually caused by the outbreak of a virus that can infect new people comfortably and effectively transmit from one person to another.
The new Corona virus meets all of these conditions. There is no cure, nor a vaccine that can stop it.

How is the Coronavirus tested?

In a standard procedure for the Coronavirus test, the samples have to go through five steps.

Step 1: Extraction chamber

The lab has four chambers built. The sample is taken to the first chamber for extraction. Inside the same chamber is a cabinet called a biosafety cabinet, where the sample is opened. This cabinet has a glass door where only the technician can take his hand inside to open the sample.

After opening the sample, the virus is isolated (if present) and then the whole sample is taken to another chamber and the contents contained in it are checked.

Step 2: Master Max Chamber

After separating the patient sample into the extraction chamber, it is brought into the master mix chamber and added with it other chemicals, etc. so that the contents of this sample can be further visualized. When this step is completed in this chamber, the sample is put into a special type of tube and sealed.

Third step: Real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) chamber

After the second step, the samples are transported from the master mix chamber to the PCR chamber. There is a machine in this chamber. Since the virus cannot be seen through a microscope, the machine makes several copies of the virus to make it appear, which indicates whether or not the virus is present. The purpose of making many copies is that even if a virus of very small size exists, it will be able to be detected through this machine.”

This machine has a computer connected. This computer shows the presence of the virus through a graph. Then from that graph, it has been determined whether the virus is present or not.

Step 4: Sample disposal machine

In the fourth step, the sample is shifted from the PCR chamber to the chamber of the flour clove machine and the sample is discarded in the chamber where the sample is streamed through high temperature, After the sample is disinfected, this means that the specimen eliminates the possibility of spreading a virus. After disinfecting it is discarded according to the principle of biological waste.

Step 5: Reporting Room

In the fifth stage, a sample report is prepared and each patient is given a special ID and number. The report is then shared online with the patient or physician.

The whole process is completed in six to seven hours, after which the consultant decides whether the test is positive or negative.

The coronavirus test kit

Coronavirus is a sudden disaster that no one has ever predicted. Scientists and doctors are continuously trying to get rid of it. In this effort, new techniques are established. The coronavirus test kit is also improving day by day.

The coronavirus test cost

The health authorities all over the world are trying their best to keep the cost of the test low. CDC is also helping as much as it can in this regard, Private sector is also contributing in this regard. Truly speaking the cost of the test depends on two things one is how strong your health insurance is and the second is that in which part of the world you are currently residing. In some areas of the word the test is free for the suspicious virus carriers for other people and in some other parts of the world the cost may rise to 60 USD.

The Coronavirus test time

It usually took 24 hours for a laboratory to deliver the results of the Coronavirus detection result.

What does the Corona Virus Do to Your Body?

The Coronavirus came out in the last month of 2019. This has now become a global outbreak.

Most people who suffer from the disease do not have the same effect and are recovering, however, some people have died due to it. So the question is how does the virus affect the body, why the symptoms are different in different patients and why it effects different people differently?

Incubation or care period

During this period the corona is catching its spot. Viruses generally take control of your body’s cells by accessing them. The corona virus, called SARS-KOV-2, attacks your body when you inhale it (when coughing nearby) or you touch your face after touching something. Touch which contains the virus.

First, the virus attack on the cells of the  throat, respiratory tract, and lungs. The virus established its reproductive centers there. These centers produce more viruses that affect more cells. The person who carries the virus will not be ill at an early stage and most people will not show symptoms of the disease. The duration of the infection is different in the care period and the symptoms appear but it is reported on average five days.

Mild illness

Most people have similar reactions during the illness. Covid-19 is a common infection for eighty percent of people and its main symptoms include fever and frog in throat. The pain in the body, headaches, twinges, painful gullet and are also among the symptoms but these symptoms do not have to be manifest.

Fever and fall  are caused by the immune response in the body. It identifies the virus and gives it a status of an invader who is creating trouble. This cause the release of a chemical substance called cytokines all over the body. This is the signal that something is going wrong. Because of this, the immune system in the body is stimulated. The additional affects of this chemical release is the physical pain, discomfort and sometimes the fever.

The corona virus initially cause a dry cough (no mucus) and is probably due to the anxiety caused by the virus in the cells. Some people eventually begin to get thick material like mucus, which contains cells that die from the virus. These symptoms can be overcome by taking paracetamol with rest, high amounts of water and alcohol. You don’t need a hospital or doctor to do this.

This phase lasts for a week, with most people recovering at that stage. The reason for recovery is the fight back of the immune system. The immune system defeat the virus and the patient recovers. Not all are fortunate enough to recover. Although small in number people had a relatively serious condition of Cod-19. We have only known so much so far, but observations have shown that there are symptoms of colds, including runny nose.

Severe illness

The over reaction of the immune system aggravated the illness. Chemical signals sent to the body cause irritation. However, it must be balanced very keenly. Too many infections cause harm and sometime irreversible.

“This virus causes a lot of inflammation, and we don’t know how it is,” says Nathalie McDermott, a doctor from London who is associated with at King’s College. The air enters the mouth, pass through small tubes and ends up into small air sacs.

These small air sacs separates the carbon  dioxide from the blood and add oxygen into it. These small bags cant perform their function if infected by the virus and in this condition the water is filled with the water. The blood in the body cannot be purified from the carbon dioxide. With the passage of time the carbon dioxide started to increase in the patients body and oxygen started to decrease. Some people have to resort to a ventilator in order to survive. Even they dependent on it for their breathe. According to data from China, 14 percent of people were affected by this stage.

Anxiety Disorders

Only six per cent of people with the disease have reached a critical level. At that time the body stopped functioning and the chances of death were created. Because of this, the body goes into septic shock and the an alarming situation occur when a sudden drop in blood pressure occur. The organs stop functioning or become completely inactive. Severe respiratory distress started and oxygen is not reached in the body as needed. This stops the kidney’s cleansing process and destroys the intestinal tract.

Dr Bharat Pankhania says, “The virus is so infectious that people end up dying and many organs stop working. The failure of the immune system results in the spread of the virus. Causing further damage. Up to this point, treatment can be very severe, including ECMO.

You have to be vigilant about this virus as Worldwide the number of Corona virus-infected people has exceeded two million and at least eight thousand have died. The EU has closed its borders for all travelers outside the union for 30 days Italy has the largest number of Corona virus patients in European countries, where 2503 deaths have been confirmed from the virus In the United States, the number of people infected with the virus has grown to over six thousand.

Prevention is the only cure till now known to us. Keep vigilant for the sake of humanity, your self and your family. The Corona Virus is spreding continously worldwide the number of Corona virus-infected people has exceeded 212,000 and nearly nine thousand have died. The good news is that for the first time since the outbreak in China, no local patient has been exposed. The countries are trying to control its speed.  The most recent is the Iran who has forbidden citizens to travel to Nowruz.

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