How to Hang a Punching Bag Anywhere you want

Hang a Heavy Bag

A punching bag is a type of equipment used to do different exercises. These exercises are specifically related to legs, arms, hands, and feet. This is such an excellent friend that it gets hurt from you and gives you strength in return. The only drawback of it is that sometimes you cannot find a proper place for it to be hanged.

An option is that you can go to the gym and use it there. But the advantage of it being used in your living place is that you do not need to go to the gym. The problem in this scenario is that it is not easy to hang the heavy bags, especially at your living place. Things become more complicated if you are living with kids

If you adopt the wrong technique to hang the boxing bag this will bring at least two major risks

  • The first is that it can fall down. The ceiling above it and the floor under it can be damaged. This will leave you with the destruction of the property.
  • The second is that it may fall down while you are exercising. This scenario is more severe than the previous one. The damage to this will also be more than the previous one. You can get hurt. The injury can so swear that it can bring the disability of a lifetime.

The best thing is that these risks can be eliminated. To eliminate all these risks here we present you with some best ways to hang the heavy punching bags.

How to hang a punching bag

Before starting the practical work to hang the punching bag. There are some important points to be considered.

Do the Survey

Find out what will be the most appropriate place to hang the punching bag. If you already have one it’s great. But if you will purchase it then purchase it as per your requirements. your requirements criteria must fulfill your needs.

  • It means the purpose for which you are going to buy this product.
  • The available space and the surroundings where you will put your punching bag.
  • The available spot with which you can hack or keep your bag.
  •  Make sure that the punching bag has enough space to move in all the directions.
  • Make sure that you have enough space for your footwork and comfortable movement.

Once the survey is completed. And you have all the required information to proceed now is the time to start the practical work.

How to hang a punching bag from a high ceiling

The process to hang the punching bag from a high ceiling is as under step by step explained.

Step 1

Find the appropriate beam. This beam should be capable enough to bear the weight of the bag. You must remember that the beam will not only bear the weight of the bag but the to and fro motion of the punching bag will also check the strength of the beam.

An easy way to find the best beam is the measure and knock method.

Measure and knock method

  1. Take measuring tape
  2. Start measuring the roof from the wall
  3. After every 16 inches knock on the roof
  4. You will hear two types of sound the first one is the hollow sound and the second one will be solid and filled sound
  5. If you have solid and filled sound it means that you have found your spot to hang the bag
  6. Make sure that you have to find the right spot. The negligence in this procedure can cause fetal damage.

Step 2

Mark spot to hang the bag

Step 3

Make a hole of the appropriate size. So that the appropriate hook or the eyebolt can be plugged into the ceiling. Although it is highly recommended that you should use eyebolts. There is a repeated complaint by a number of users that the bag fell off from the hook. A stitch in time is better than the nine so use eye bolts. You will need a drill to make the hole.

Step 4

Once the hole is done now is the time to plug the eye bolt in the hole. Some people make a mistake when they try to tight the eye bolt with the wrench. We recommend you not use the wrench in the beginning. First, you must tighten the eye bolt with the help of your hand. once you feel that it is not possible for you to tighten it more with your hand then use the wrench to obtain the desired level.

Step 5

This is the time to hang the bag in the eye bolt. But you can’t do it directly. For this purpose is to achieve you have to do two steps. Chain the bag you must have the chains included with your bag. Once you chain your bag. Put these chains into a “S” shape hook. The “S” shaped hook should be hand in eyebolt.

Step 6

Congratulations your bag has been hanged but be aware this is not ready to be used. Still one step has to be done. This is the last step but not of any less importance. This is to check the security of the bag. It means to save yourself from any future damage. Carefully check the security of the bag and now it is ready for use.

How to hang a punching bag with rope

If you want to hang a punching bag with the rope then this procedure requires at least these things to be accomplished

  1. ceiling-mounted punching bag carabiner
  2. swivel pulley,
  3. boat cleat.

Step 1

Spot the appropriate place at the ceiling and bolt the carabiner accordingly. This is recommended if you do this process in a solid beam made of wood.

Step 2

The next is the mounting of the boat hitch. This mounting should be done to a vertical surface. This surface should be solid. This is recommended if you can do it with a wall or a beam placed in a vertical position.

Step 3

The next step is to adjust the pulley and carabiner so that the bag can be hanged. Anchor bend knot is recommended to attach the swivel pulley to the carabiner. The other end of the rope should tie with the punching bag.

Step 4

Use the pulley to hang the bag in the appropriate position. Use a cleat hitch to tie the rope with the boat cleat. This will increase the stability and safety as this equipment is designed originally to handle boats. certainly, the punching bags are of no comparison with the boats.

So enjoy your padding bag hanging with the rope. But be sure to check the security of the bag first any negligence in this regard may bring swear circumstances.

An alternative approach to hang the bouncing pad.

Another way is to use an amount instead of an eyebolt. The mount comes in many types and dimensions. try to purchase the amount which is appropriate as per your size and which have nuts and bolts included in the price.

Step 1

The step will be the same as choosing the right spot. To fix the mount. You can adopt the measure and knock method for this purpose. Measure and knock method has already been explained in this article.

Step 2

Once you found the appropriate spot mark it so that it should not be lost. Make sure that you need to adjust at least two bolts. Your mount may be different. To mark the spot as per your need and the requirement of your mount.

Step 3

This is the time to make the hole. You will need a drill to make the hole. Put the drill on the marked position and make the hole.

Step 4

Place the mount with the bolt on the first hole. Tight it with your hand. Then repeat the procedure with the second hole. Now use the appropriate tool to tighten the bolt.

Step 5

Chain the bag so that it can be handed in the “S”-shaped hook. Put the hook in the mount.

Step 6

Be sure to check the safety measures before starting to use the bag.

This is a good method to hang the heavy bag in the basement too.

Alternative Methods

There can be at least two more alternative methods which we can use to hang the heavy bag.
Let’s learn how to apply them one by one.

Heavy bag wall mount

If you are worried about your ceiling. This is the time to consider the wall mount. Let’s find out how you can use a wall mount to hang your heavy bag.

Points to consider while using Wall mount for hanging the bag.

  • But please remember that not every wall is appropriate to handle the mount.
  • Only firm and strong walls can handle the Load of the Wall mount.
  • These walls are usually made of stone or bricks that can handle the load of the wall mount.
  • The mount can be available in different sizes and in different shapes. You should choose it appropriately as per your requirements and needs.
  • Kindly check if you have the appropriate space for the footwork and the moment of the bag.

Step 1

Find the appropriate place to fit the bracket. This should be close to the ceiling.

Step 2

Put the bracket on the wall where you want to fix it. Mark the whole with the marker. Repeat this procedure with all the holes. Now take the bracket of the wall. You must have all the points marked where you need to make the hole.

Step 3

Take a drill and make the holes one by one.

Step 4

Put the bracket again on the wall. According to the holes. One by one put the nuts in the appropriate holes and start screwing it. Once you find out that it is not possible to do it more with the hand. Do it with the appropriate tool. Once Fix it shouldn’t be moved with the hand now.

Step 5

This is the time to put the bag in the bracket. To put the bag in the bracket you should repeat the procedure as narrated above.

Step 6

Once you put the bag at the appropriate place do not use it until or unless you have performed all the safety tests on it.

Use of the stand

If you think that even the wall mount is not a good idea for you. Then we recommend that you should use a free stand. You can buy a free stand from the shop. Usually, the shops that have athletic sportswear for boxing sportswear have this type of free stand.

Points to consider while purchasing the FY stand for the bad to be held

  • You should remember that with the foreign through the motion of the bag the style should not move.
  • This means that the cell should be heavy enough.
  • Usually, a stand of 300 lbs will be enough to hold a small to medium size heavy bag.

This is really easy to put the bag on this type of stand as no installation is required. Even then we should recommend you take all the safety measures in order to remain safe and avoid any type of any risk.

You will certainly find increased mobility as many stands have fixed tires with it so that it can be moved from one place to another. This makes the stands ideal for the small apartments and even to use in basements.

User alert

Be sure that when you purchase the stuff to hang the boxing heavy bag the weight-bearing capacity mentioned should be 4 times more than the weight and size of your bags. This is necessary to ensure your security.

Stay safe, play healthy and enjoy your sport.

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