How to recharge a dehumidifier N

How to recharge a dehumidifier N

The Recharge of the dehumidifier can resolve the performance issues. For this, you should know how to recharge a dehumidifier compressor. Not all problems can be resolved by recharging it. This article covers all the issues related to the dehumidifier.

Humans love to live at ease and in comfort. This is the reason that scientists have developed different types of machinery. Some of these machines help humans to adjust the atmospheric conditions as per the need and comfort of humans.

An interesting fact is sometimes the weather conditions are extremely opposite to each other. At some place, humans have to deal with the hot summer and at some other place the chilling cold. In hot areas, the Air conditioners help to cool the weather. The heater is the choice to normalize the weather conditions in the cold areas of the world.

The decreasing temperature keeps the air cold and dry. If the temperature continues to fall the dryness of the air continues to increase. The dry air means that the air is with a very low value of humidity. Low humid air will make the skin dry. The dry skin can cause a number of problems. If the problem persists the internal layer of the nose will be ruptured. This results in internal bleeding from the nose. The continuous bleeding will affect the health of the patient badly.

The problems are different but the

In the same scenario if the humidity increases in the air. This will create discomfort in the environment too. This problem can easily be handled through a  dehumidifier. A dehumidifier sucks the air. Then move it in different filters and throw back the dry cool air back in the environment.

Dehumidifiers come in different shapes and types. Some are oval shaped some are bag shaped and some are egg shaped and many more shapes. As far as fixsation is concerned. The humidifier comes in two forms. One is the fixed and the second is the portable. The fixed humidifiers are for a specific place. The portable has a luxury and the luxury is that it can be placed at any space in the time of need. Once the need is fulfilled. The portable dehumidifier can be picked and ready to be placed at the next spot.

How do you know that your dehumidifier is malfunctioning

There are some indications if you observe these.

  1. The air omitted by the dehumidifier is not cold. This means that the dehumidifier throws hot air. This is an abnormality as in normal circumstances the dehumidifier should have to throw cold air.
  2. The second abnormality is that the air emitted by the dehumidifier is still wet. This is another abnormality that requires your sudden attention.

    How to resolve the Problem

    The problem can be because of two reasons.

    1. The one is that the filter needs to be replaced.
    2. The Vacuum tubes of the dehumafidire are needed to be cleaned.
    3. The compressor is not working properly. It needed to be repaired or replaced.
    4. The fan shaft screw is not as tight as it should be.
    5. The fan needs to be cleaned.
    6.  The motor of the fan is not working properly. Either repair or replacement is the solution

The seventh possibility is that the coolant or the refrigeration has been leaked. This is one of the most critical problems to handle. If it is so then this is the time to recharge the dehumidifier.

Recharge the dehumidifier

The bad news is that not every dehumidifier can be recharged. If you have a dehumidifier that has a separate storage for coolant then it can be easily recharged. Some dehumidifiers use the water to cool the air. These types of dehumidifiers can not be recharged.

If your dehumidifier is of the first type and is not working properly, then this is the time to recharge it.Not all dehumidifiers are of the same type. The recharging process will also be different from each other.

This is advisable that you should consult the user manual before recharging your dehumidifier. In case you do not have a copy of the manual. You should then consult the Professional for help. Another thing that can be done is to look for an e copy of the manual. This manual can be easily found at different websites. But this is advisable that you should consult the website of the original manufacturer.

The Process to recharge the dehumidifier

Although you are ready to recharge your dehumidifier. But let me tell you frankly that you may not be able to complete the process. So it is advisable that even if you are determined to do it. Consult a professional first. Or also please figure out who will be the person to contact if by chance all the things will not move as per plan.

Types of Coolant

There are many types of coolant available. If you do it yourself type of guy. This is interesting for you to know about different coolant types. This will help you to choose the best one for you. Every dehumidifier needs a different type of coolant. The suitable coolant for your dehumidifier should be mentioned in the product manual.

R – 410 A

This is the most modern coolant. This coolant is used in the most latest models of the dehumidifier. An alternative name of the coolant is Puron. This is relatively more environmentally friendly in comparison to its ancestors.

R – 22

This was an old coolant and was the favorite of the manufacturers. Till 1995 this was the manufacturer’s favorite. Then the improvement in the machinery replaced the coolant with high performance and environmentally friendly coolant.

You are out of luck if your dehumidifier has R – 22 as coolant. This is the time to find a professional. The professional who still maintains the device with the R – 22 coolant. This is hard to find but you have to do it at any cost. You cannot use the R – 410 A instead of R – 22. The R – 410 A is a coolant for modern machines. These machines are specially designed to bear relatively high pressure. Therefore the R – 410 A coolant should not be used in the old machines. The old machines can be destroyed. You may need to change the different parts, even the gas kit too.

So you are left with no other choice than to find a professional who still works with the machine with the coolant R – 22. If you can’t find the one then you have to change your machine.

After Recharging

The recharging will solve your problem and you can enjoy the cool dry air. What if the recharging will not resolve the issues. Then you should consult the professional for an in-depth analysis of the machinery.

The Recharging is not Possible

If you have a dehumidifier that cannot be recharged. Don’t worry we will not leave you without any solution. Some alternative measures that you can take to fix the non-performing dehumidifier.

Some alternative measures you can take are

1.Internal Coils

Handle the issues with the internal coils. There can be two issues one is the cleaning and the second is with the Vacuum of the tubes. Handle both of them and solve it and your device will work properly.

With the continuous use of the device, the air passes through the device. With every use, a bit of dust is settled in the device. This dust will block the free moment of the air. The blockage of the free air moment will stop the device from working properly. The solution to this problem is to clean the tubes and the passage of the air.


The second device which is needed to be cleaned is the Fan. The dust gathers in the revolving parts of the fan. This will reduce the speed of the fan and in some cases will completely stop the fan from working. The reduced speed will definitely reduce the flow of the air.  This reduced flow will affect the working efficiency of the device. Solving this problem will increase the flow of the air in the machinery.  This increased flow will improve the working of the dehumidifier.

The second issue with the fan is the shaft screw. If the shaft screw of the fan loses its performance will be reduced due to two reasons. One is that the reduced speed of the fan reduces the flow of the air. The reduced airflow will decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the dehumidifier.

This is not the only problem that can be caused by the shaft loose screw. The semi-circular motion of the fan can cause the fan to be destroyed. Sometimes the extra friction due to the semi-circular motion of the fan Increases the heat. The rise of temperature inside the device can cause so much heat that it can be burnt.

The solution to this problem is very simple and this is to tighten the screw of the shaft.

The third is the motor of the fans. The motor should be checked. If needed, repair it. If it cannot be repaired then replace it.  This will definitely improve the performance of the dehumidifier.

3.The compressor 

The last part that should be checked for the performance is the compressor. The compressor compresses the air inside the machine. After Compression it throws back the air in the room. Check the compress for the proper functionality. If it is not performing the right job. Then you have two choices. One is to repair it. The second is if it cannot be repaired then replace it.


In the last decade, the special kits were available on Hardware stores. These kits can charge the fridges and Air conditioners easily. All you have to do is just hang it and connect it with the device. Once connected the dehumidifier will be charged easily.

With the passage of time, the harmful aspects of the kits started to discover. Know these kits are no longer available to use. Even now the chemicals used in this process are highly toxic. Be sure to take proper precautionary measures. The negligence in this regard will bring swear consequences.

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