Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Alert Symptoms And Indications


There are several assumptions, perceptions, illusions and false conclusions about this most Novel virus that we all know by the name of Coronavirus. Me too having two kids and a family with a few old and ill elders, got deeply shaken by this international viral outbreak.

In this article let’s try to unleash the reality of this lethal virus so we can understand its real picture and respond in the best possible way.

What is Coronavirus (covid-19)?

This is a novel virus. That started in Wuhan city of china, there are several myths regarding its origin. It is said that Wuhan had an illegal market of wild animals and that was the place where that virus is supposed to be initiated.

Corona viruses are actually a huge family of viruses. That causes various infections, which varies  from common cold to the acute and severe respiratory syndromes like MERs-COV and SERs-COV.

This virus can be more or less like influenza but as it is a new virus and not much research is conducted over it. So there are many speculations and fears regarding it and many of those are proving to be true.As the increase in number, the death of patients suffering from Covid-19 is horrifying the world.

What is coronavirus in humans?

Cronovirus are supposed to be those viruses which are transmitted to humans through animals as SARs-Cov and MERs-Cov. These both are from the coronavirus family and are transmitted by cats and camels to humans.

The source of this novel coronavirus is not detected yet so we don’t know which particular animal was the true source of transmitting this Covid-19 to the human system.

Not all coronaviruses can harm humans as, Canine and Feline coronaviruses are not potential to infect humans they mostly infect animals. But few coronaviruses have the potential to harm humans as well. And covid 19 is one one of them.

What is a coronavirus test?

Coronavirus test is a bit technical and not very commonly available.Even America has a capacity of conducting 20,000 testing a day that is almost double the South Korea capacity. But with the U.S.A being higher in number of populations this number is not very much to cope with the masses.

When the worldwide number of patients has reached 130,000 and we are not at all sure about the cases reported, all or several are missed.

The testing technique for Covid_19 is not very modern as it is conducted through PCR.That is a DNA amplification technique which was invented by Kary Mullis in 1980’s and he won a nobel prize for it as well.

In this technique heating and cooling cycles are used to replicate one DNA into thousands and millions of its replicas but it is not as simple as it is as it sounds like.

So to test or detect a Covid-19 virus in a DNA The scientist needs to turn its genome into DNA and the genome is actually made up of a single strand of an RNA.

Furthermore to create a genome the scientists have to reverse the DNA into RNA and then convert that RNA into DNA. So they use two techniques one is PCR and other is RT, RT stands for reverse transcriptase.

So currently RT-PCR is the only test that is available to diagnose whether you have a Coronavirus surviving in your system or not.

So in simple words the scientists amplify your DNA to that extent that they can read it with the help of a fluorescent fluid. In purely medical terms “If your sample contain Coronavirus, then its RNA will be transcribed into DNA and amplified along with a fluorescent signal that tells you if the test is positive or negative,”

Note: the sample must be handled with care, moreover the proper care and appropriate temperature and controlled labs are a must to conduct the test.

What is coronavirus and how does it spread?

The worst and most damaging thing about this Novel Coronavirus is that we don’t know much about this virus, it is novel, new and the least investigated virus till date.

So what we can rely on is the speculations and our experience with previous Cronaviruses.

As most of the previous Coronaviruses which cause acute respiratory diseases like SARs and MERs and even cold which are spread through respiratory droplets.

These droplets can be spread from one person to another by touching, shaking hands or even coming in contact with any surface that has the secrationson it. Like a staircase railing or a bus rod.

Respiratory secretions are known to be the most contagious way to spread this novel Coronavirus to other human beings.

This virus is spreading from humans to humans.Those who are infected with this virus there cough droplets or other secretions can cause harm or can transfer infection to others.

So Coronavirus is not supposed to spread through packages or other materials but are most likely to spread through human interactions which can transmit the respiratory secretions.

What is a coronavirus cure?

Coronavirus is a virus!

Unlike a bacterial infection it cannot be healed through antibiotics. Moreover, other antivirals invented till date are also not very effective on this novel virus.So practically there is no cure for this virus.

But it’s nothing like being hopeless, as we are blessed with a powerful immune system.So our body can protect itself from the intruders with the help of its immune system. So no need to panic, your immune system is brave enough to coop with the intruder.

But yes you too need to take some precautions as prevention is better than cure.

What you need to do is avoid having any antibiotic as antibiotics low down your immune barriers and you get more prone to virus attacks.

Secondly boost your immunity. have more and more vitamin c added practically in your can even take the supplements which can boost you your immune system,

The only treatment which we can provide for Coronavirus is boost your immunity and make it so strong that it can fight with this virus if added in your system.

So as it is proven stress weakens your immune system or can cause your system to get weak against the virus or other attacks.

So panic less, relax, take all the precautionary measures, boost your immune system as much as you can.

Take the maximum amount of vitamin C dose as it’s a water soluble vitamin so any extra amount will not harm you.As It can excrete from your system.

Covid-19 has difficulty to survive a Vitamin C rich environment so if your system is over packed with a good amount of vitamin c it can be a good treatment against Coronavirus.If it is in your system and still not activated.

Once you get a severe attack of Coronavirus and it is already damaging your body the only thing which doctors can do is to help your immune system to fight against it .Moreover to sustain your fighting will power that is already inhabited within you.

What is coronavirus and its symptoms?

It is quite difficult to diagnose CoronaVirus from its symptoms. As symptoms are more or less like you can get in your common cold. Which are very common in this season.

But few significant symptoms are:So practically if you are suffering from Covid-19,

You will have high grade fever.

You can have coughing, mostly dry coughing is a symptom which is alarming showing the virus presence.

Moreover, you can have breathing problems.

You can feel lethargic, you can feel dizziness, you can feel weak and not able to work properly.

You will feel short of breath, every time because this disease attacks your lungs. it actually grows in your lungs and spreads all over the body.

So, the most sensitive area and most at risk  region in your body are your lungs. Because this virus grows in lungs and in severe cases can cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.

Wrapping Up

In this article we tried to boost your knowledge about the recent terror, known as Coronavirus! yes it is dangerous but its danger can be averted with few precautions and a bit of social responsibility.

One should try to avoid social gatherings and if you feel any symptoms stay at home, stay away from others. If a coronavirus patient is diagnosed in your home,stay away from him for seven days and others for 14 days.

Don’t contact your GP practitioner or don’t go to hospital Call the Coronavirus emergency number if you feel severe health issues.

And don’t forget that your fear can cause you low immunity so be vigilant and responsible but don’t panic.

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