Anti Theft Gadgets for Home

Anti Theft Gadgets for Home

Anti theft gadgets for home is a necessity of the modern day lifestyle. This is the reason that everyone is in the search of the best anti theft gadgets for the home. These security gadgets include home security systems. In home security system categories the security devices and

gadgets for thief prevention should intelligently be chosen and make them part of the system. 

This article is written for those people who completely want to secure their house in his modern age. These Anti theft gadgets listed in this article are specially selected to integrate with your modern day needs as well as these will address the challenges of modern day security. The gadgets for thieves that really have the ability to protect your home really very well.

1. Smart Lock by August

Smart Lock by August


A well reputed name in the smart lock industry. Yet another smart locking system that is fully capable to integrate with your modern day lifestyle requirements as well as a strong guard against the thief. 

If you apply this system in your home you will get

  • A keyless entry in your home
  • Control the lock mechanism easily with your home
  • The home will be automatically locked as you leave your home
  • Easily provide the guest access
  • Can give and withdraw access whenever you want
  • Can be integrated with the existing system. So the replacement of the keys are not needed

This durable product is made of metal in the attractive silver color with the perfect dimensions for a lock that is 1.63 x 2.6 x 4.8 inches and the weight 13.92 measured in Ounces.

2. The Hidden Spy in The Home



This is an amazing product to have. This works as a third security eye for you when you are not in your home. A perfect Security Vision that will save you completely. This is a modern life requirement that you need to be completely aware of the situation that occurs inside your home. As you have many of your loved ones at your home. These loved ones need protection from your servants (temporary or the permanent).

The day care staff for your children or for your parents at home. This is bad but this is something that happens this is about your partner. Sometimes you really want to know if your partner is cheating on you or not. So this is the best camera to have in your living room. It makes it a perfect piece of technology, a perfect cool gadget for the room. Some of its capabilities that make this product unique are.

  • Silently sit behind a charger
  • Can capture the high quality video of 1080 p
  • Supports the SD card that has really high memory for storage space
  • Undetectable for the cheaters
  • Automatically delete the oldest file to record the most recent recording in the card.

3. Heaven The Door protection system

Heaven The Door protection system


An untraditional locking mechanism that lets you in your house but not the thief. The working mechanism of this lock is completely different; this makes it a unique piece of security protection. Controllable through your cell phone via the Bluetooth link. 

It jams the door on the floor. This will not let the thief in by placing a resistance at the bottom. You may feel a little resistance if it does not fit perfectly while opening the door. So a perfect fit for this type of lock is necessary so that you enjoy a smooth opening and the closing of the door perfectly. 

4. Kevo – The bolt to hold your Door

Kevo - The bolt to hold your Door


This is the bolt that can hold your door really well. A Bluetooth controlled system that can be easily controlled with the help of the smartphone in your hand. This smartphone connects you well with the smartphone. You can easily control who will enter the house and who will not. This controlling mechanism lets you in people temporarily. Give access to them and take the access back to the as you want to control the security of your place. 

5. Indoor Security for the home

Indoor Security for the home


This has the ability to record the night vision. The night vision capabilities let you check your house even if it is dark. This can store the information in the form of the cloud on the server. This online saving lets you access the data from wherever you want. This is a great tool that lets you even view the live site of your house. You can use it even in the form of a siren that can scare people when they are in the house. The siren can also be controlled remotely.

6. Piper the Security Agent

Piper the Security Agent


This works as an automatic security agent for you. This can make you aware as soon as the security of your office or the room is breached. This can do it in multiple ways like this can send you an email. But what happens if you are a traditional type of guy and don’t check your email on the phone. Then this also has the option to send you a text. Even if you are not the one who gives maximum attention to the SMS then it also provides the facility to alert you with the help of a phone call. 

This phone call will let you  know that some sort of interruption is going on in your house and you need to get rid of this interruption as soon as possible. This device has the capability to move away the interruption by alarming the intruder in the lud voice. This loud alarm not only will scare the person but will also create a warning for the surroundings. In Fact this is all in one type of the security system that has all the capabilities to take away all your worries from you.

Final Words

This is the time to finalize the things here as far as this article is concerned. I hope by now you are in the position to find out the best possible solution for you. The security system that is smart enough to control with your phone and powerful enough to provide you with all of your security needs.

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