Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2021 (COVID-19)

Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2021 (COVID-19)


Nowadays, it is the flu season. Many people are seen as sneezing or nasal cleaning. He who has a cold himself tells others to stay away from him, so others don’t get germs. Or you stop yourself from going to the affected person. This is nothing new, it happens every year, but this time something new is definitely happening.

If you are sitting on a train in London and you start to sneeze or sneeze for a moment, then at first people start to look at you carefully and then slowly move away. The same is true in other countries. In fact, people are just using gestures when meeting each other. Jokes are being created, videos and memes are being made. A viral video on the internet shows friends in Iran shaking their feet and legs instead of hands. Tanzania’s president did the same.

This is the threat of the new virus called the Novel CoronaVirus or Covid. 19. This fear is gradually embedded and increasing in our minds and thoughts. This fear sometimes comes out in the form of jokes, sometimes in the form of expressions of thought.

Coronavirus precautions

Precautions are the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Here we provide you a coronavirus precautions list

Strengthen your self immune system

Your self immune system is your best protection against any type of virus. Strengthen it by different vitamins. Consume vitamin D and C especially with different multivitamins. Use vitamin C and D tablets and vitamin C rich vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C is found in many vegetables and fruits. In addition to watermelon and orange. If you are diabetic please consult a diabetes doctor before taking the vitamin C tablet.

Social Distance

It is now clear from the evidence that it is possible to overcome it with the help of social distance, and China has done so. Certainly, there is a huge economic cost to the fact that many people are left unemployed. Don’t wait for something to happen. Sit at home and be responsible. The overall defeat to Corona can only be set at a social distance so be careful, for yourself, for the nation and for humanity.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) will die in the summer

Another thing being said that this virus will die in the summer so no need to worry. If this happens we will have some time, but for scientists, it is premature. The first summer of the virus is coming. What would we do if we did not slow it down by keeping the distance and the heat did not affect it?

World Health Organization tips for the Prevention of Coronavirus Disease

Washing Hands

The World Health Organization says: Wash your hands with soap or gel that can kill the virus.

How to wash hands to prevent viruses?

Regular hand washing is one of the most effective ways to avoid coronaviruses and other illnesses, but it is possible that you do not wash your hands properly. The World Health Organization has made changes to its information leaflet regarding handwashing procedures. Here are some steps you can use to wash your hands well.

  • Wet your hands with water and apply thorough soap.
  • Rub both palms with each other well.
  • Fold the fingers with the palm of one hand on the other hand and rub the fingers well.
  • Fold the fingers with both palms and rub between the fingers very well.
  • Rub the back of the fingers on the palm of the other hand.
  • Place the toes in the palm of the other hand اand rub it well.
  • Rub the fingers of one hand on the palm of the other.
  • Then wash your hands with water.

Avoid touching your face

Make a habit to not to touch your face. If possible keep telling each other that please don’t touch your face. If you need to do it. First, wash your hands then touch your face. Keep telling the kids again and again so they will develop it as a habit.

Maintain the Safe Distance

Keep the distance of one meter or more from each other will save you and others. The infection can be transferred from close contact. If you continuously maintain a safe distance. The chances of infection transfer from each other will become very low. If you think this is bad then, stay home.

Seek immediate medical help

If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek immediate medical help. Follow the instructions of the medical authorities.

Coronavirus Precautions: Fake Tips To Avoid

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly to various countries around the world and no cure has been discovered so far. However, online medical advice regarding the treatment of the Coronavirus continues. Some tips are useless but harmless, but some are extremely dangerous.

We have reviewed these types of claims that are widely shared online, and have tried to understand what science says.


A number of posts have been shared on the social networking site Facebook, suggesting that eating garlic may help prevent infection. The World Health Organization says that it has any role in coronavirus infection prevention.

The South China Morning Post published the story of a woman who was taken to the hospital after eating 1.5kg of raw garlic. Eating garlic in such quantities caused severe irritation in their throat. We all know that eating fruits and vegetables and drinking the right amount of water is very good for health. However, there is no evidence that eating a specific type of diet will increase the immune response to a particular virus.

Miracle Minerals’

Well-known YouTubers have been found claiming that ‘miraculous minerals’ ‘completely eradicate’ the coronavirus. These minerals have been named MMS. These YouTubers have thousands of followers on social networking websites.

Chlorine dioxide is found in these minerals, which is a bleaching agent. Last year, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration warned of the dangers posed to health by drinking these minerals. In other countries, health-related authorities issued alerts.

The Food and Drug Administration says, “We are not aware of any research that shows that such products are effective in the treatment of a disease.” The US agency added that drinking these minerals can show symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, cholera and severe water deficiency in the body.

Sterilizing pesticides made in homes

There have also been numerous reports that hand sanitizers have been lacking in various countries. The main reason for this is that frequent washing of hands is one of the major means of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

When news of corona virus spread began to emerge in Italy, recipes for making such sterile solutions in social media went viral. But many such recipes can help to clean the surface of the material on the ground or in the home, but as scientists have said, they are not the subject at all for human skin. Alcohol gel usually contains ingredients that keep the skin soft, supple and fresh.

Sally Bloomfield, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says she can’t believe you can create such an effective bacterial solution at home. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there are common available antibiotic solutions in the home for various levels of hygiene.

Drinkable Silver (Silver)

Jim Baker, the host of the American TV show, encouraged the use of ‘colloidal silver’ in one of his programs. Colloidal silver is actually the fine particle of silver metal contained in any liquid.

One guest participating in the program claimed that the solution was capable of killing some germs of the Coronavirus within 12 hours. However, the guest also acknowledged that no such experiment has been performed on Covid 19.

It was widely circulated on Facebook that ‘this solution may be useful in treating Corona’. And in spreading the word, there were groups that viewed the mainstream medical advice with suspicion. Proponents of this solution claim that this solution can cure all kinds of ailments because it has the properties of a medicinal drug.

They also say that this solution improves the immune system. But the US Department of Health officials clearly suggests there is no evidence that such silver can be effective in treating any disease.

Most importantly, its use can have many adverse effects on health, such as kidney damage, seizures, and allergies (a disease in which the skin turns blue).

Unlike metals like iron and zinc, silver is a metal that has nothing to do with the human body, health officials say. People who were involved in advertising silverware on Facebook are now sending out warning messages from the Facebook administration.

Drinking water every 15 minutes

There is also a post that has been shared thousands of times. This post describes an alleged ‘Japanese doctor’ massage. The message states that drinking water every 15 minutes eliminates all viruses in the mouth. An Arabic version of this message has been shared more than two million times.

There is no biological mechanism that supports the fact that you can only transmit the virus to your stomach by drinking water and killing it, says Professor Trudy Long of the University of Oxford.

Infection systems such as the coronavirus enter the body through the respiratory tract while you breathe. Rarely does the virus enter the mouth, and even if you keep, consuming regular water will not prevent you from becoming infected.

It is more important that drinking a good amount of water is beneficial to your health. There is also a post that has been shared thousands of times. This post describes an alleged ‘Japanese doctor’ massage. The message states that drinking water every 15 minutes eliminates all viruses in the mouth.

Definitely hot but avoid ice cream

In addition, there are many other tips that suggest that heat exhausts the virus or drinks too much hot water or takes hot water and even uses a hairdryer.

Social media users in different countries have shared a post saying that it was issued by UNICEF, though not at all. The message in this post is that hot water use and excessive exposure to the sun cause the virus to die. It has also been said to refrain from eating ice cream.

Charlotte Goernztska, who works for the misinformation of the Coronavirus at UNICEF, says that a message called UNICEF was run on social media claiming not to use ice cream and other cold drinks.

It is a source of prevention. Of course, this is not true. We all know that the flu virus cannot survive outside of the human body in hot weather, but we do not know exactly how the heat affects the new Coronavirus. According to Professor Bloomfield, keeping your body warm or staying up-to-date in the sun is completely ineffective just because your body doesn’t become a virus. Once the virus enters your body, there is no way you can kill it; yes, if the virus enters the body, your physical strength will fight it and eliminate it. Is.

Professor Bloomfield further says that outside the human body, you need a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius to immediately kill any virus. And this temperature is much hotter than any hot water bath.

However, using warm water at 60 degrees Celsius to wash bed sheets and towels is a good idea because doing so can eliminate the virus in the clothes. However, it is not a good idea to wash human skin with such warm water.

Another thing is not to take hot water or use hot drinks to change your body temperature. After using hot drinks or water, the temperature of the human body remains the same as it was before you were not sick. Prevention is better than cure so to remain safe be vigilant but don’t indulge yourself in useless efforts and create panic.

This article was written with the help of Monitoring research from renowned websites like WTO, UNICEF, BBC, and CNN.

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