The Top 10 Best Sleeping Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep in 2024

The Top 10 Best Sleeping Gadgets to Improve Your Sleep in 2024

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for health and well-being. However, many people struggle to get quality sleep regularly. Thankfully, sleeping gadgets that help improve sleep have exploded in popularity in recent years.

From high-tech sleep trackers to simple yet effective tools, innovative sleeping gadgets can help you fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed.

This article will explore the 10 best sleeping gadgets available in 2024 to help you improve your sleep.

1. SleepPhones – Best for Listening to Music and Podcasts in Bed


Key Features:

  • Ultra-thin padded Bluetooth headphones built into a soft headband.
  • Designed for comfort to wear in bed while sleeping.
  • Wireless connectivity to listen to music, podcasts, meditation tracks and more.
  • Ambient noise-isolating design blocks out external sounds.
  • Machine washable and available in multiple colors/fabrics.

Listening to soothing music, podcasts or ambient sounds while drifting off can be an effective way to relax the mind for better sleep. SleepPhones make this easy by incorporating lightweight Bluetooth headphones right into a comfortable headband.

The slim, breathable design allows you to sleep in any position without bulky earbuds falling out. SleepPhones are perfect for playing white noise, ASMR, meditation tracks or audiobooks as you fall asleep.

2. Dodow – Best Sleep Aid Device


Key Features:

  • Small, portable device with pulsing light indicator.
  • Emits guided breathing prompts to help regulate breathing.
  • Designed to relax the nervous system naturally before sleep.
  • Can be used anywhere – at home or when traveling.
  • No headphones, apps or connections needed.

Dodow is a unique sleep gadget that uses light-based visual cues to guide your breathing through timed inhales and exhales. Following this regulated breathing pattern helps relax the nervous system and clear your mind before bed.

This portable, one-button device has been clinically proven to help users fall asleep faster. Dodow just needs to be placed by your bedside to work its magic before you turn in for the night.

3. Withings Sleep Tracking Mat – Best Contactless Sleep Tracker

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Key Features:

  • Thin sleep mat placed under your mattress.
  • Advanced sensors track sleep cycles, duration and quality.
  • Measures heart rate, breathing disturbances and snoring.
  • Tracks sleep for two individuals on one bed.
  • Syncs data to the Health Mate app.
  • No wearables needed – completely contactless.

For comprehensive sleep tracking without having to wear any devices, the Withings Sleep Tracking Mat is the perfect solution. Slip this slim sensor mat under your mattress and it will monitor your sleep cycles, heart rate, breathing and more using advanced biometric tracking.

The mat detects REM, light and deep sleep phases and syncs detailed sleep data to the app on your phone. This allows you to identify patterns and improve your sleep over time.

4. Kokoon Sleep Aiding Headphones – Best for Insomnia

Kokoon Sleep Aiding Headphones

Key Features:

  • Over-ear headphones with built-in EEG sensors.
  • Plays audio to promote relaxation and sleep.
  • Measures brain activity to induce a deep sleep state.
  • Wake-up alarm causes you to wake up gradually.
  • Tracks sleep metrics like depth, phases and quality.

The groundbreaking Kokoon sleep headphones actively detect when you fall asleep and continue playing sleep-inducing audio attuned to your brain state. This EEG-sensing technology encourages deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

Kokoon also wakes you gently in lighter sleep phases, leaving you feeling more refreshed. The advanced sensors provide detailed sleep stage tracking as well. ThisClosed close 1 Open open 0 help you discover nighttime patterns.

5. Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light – Best Sunrise Alarm Clock

Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

Key Features:

  • Simulates the sunrise with increasing natural light.
  • Wake-up alarm with choice of 5 sounds.
  • Bedside lamp, FM radio and charging dock.
  • Sunsets help you wind down at night.
  • Customizable sunrise and sunset settings.

Wake up feeling refreshed and energized with the Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light. This innovative sunrise alarm clock eases you awake by gradually brightening to simulate a natural sunrise. The process helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle so you don’t wake up feeling groggy.

You can also set the light therapy lamp to slowly dim for the sunset to relax before bed. The customizable sunrise/sunset settings ensure you get enough sleep supporting light exposure.

6. Eight Sleep Pod 3 – Best Cooling & Heating Smart Mattress

Eight Sleep Pod 3

Key Features:

  • Smart mattress with dynamic cooling and heating.
  • Adjusts to your ideal temperatures while you sleep.
  • Tracks sleep stages, heart rate and breathing.
  • Integrates with fitness trackers.
  • Alarm gently wakes you within light sleep.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sleep comfortably throughout the night with the Eight Sleep Pod 3’s dynamic temperature control. This smart mattress learns your preferences, actively cooling or heating each side of the bed as needed.

In addition, built-in sensors provide in-depth sleep tracking and can integrate with other apps and devices. The Pod allows you to upgrade your existing mattress with high-tech features that improve sleep quality.

7. Rhythm Dream Sleep Mask – Best for Blocking Out Light

Rhythm Dream Sleep Mask

Key Features:

  • Contoured eye mask blocks 100% of light.
  • Thin, cushy memory foam design.
  • Adjustable strap is gentle on hair, ears.
  • Bluetooth-enabled for sleep audio.
  • Charges wirelessly – no wires tangled in bed.
  • Washable fabric cover.

Achieving true darkness can lead to faster sleep onset and better sleep quality. The lightweight, comfortable Rhythm Dream mask completely blacks out all light for melatonin production.

The contoured memory foam design prevents pressure on eyes and blocks light leakage. Integrated Bluetooth speakers allow you to pair with white noise or meditation apps as well. Say goodbye to pillow creases on your face in the mornings!

8. Beddr SleepTuner – Best Personalized Sleep Coach

Key Features:

  • Non-contact sleep tracker slips under mattress.
  • Assesses heart rate, breathing, temperature, sleep cycles.
  • AI coach provides custom programs to improve sleep.
  • Recommends schedule, environment, diet changes.
  • Access sleep data and coaching through the app.
  • Syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit.

The innovative Beddr SleepTuner goes beyond basic sleep tracking to provide personalized sleep coaching powered by AI. The slim sensor placed under your mattress tracks biometrics as well as bedroom temperature, light and humidity.

The Tuner analyzes this data and recommends customized sleep programs with tips for your environment, schedule and lifestyle based on your habits and needs. The AI coach helps you build healthy sleep routines.

9. MOONA Biofeedback Headband – Best for Anxiety & Stress

MOONA Biofeedback Headband

Key Features:

  • Headband targets key areas to induce relaxation response.
  • Vibrations sync with your heart rate.
  • Reduces tension and anxiety before sleep.
  • Tracks HRV, body temperature, and movement.
  • Curated relaxation programs and soundscapes.
  • Rechargeable battery for wireless use.

The MOONA headband helps you de-stress before bed through active biofeedback. Its calming vibrations interact with your heart to enter a relaxed state where you can fall asleep easier.

MOONA’s technology quiets your body’s fight-or-flight response, lowering worry and anxiety. The custom soundscapes and meditations enhance the relaxation effect. With regular use, MOONA can improve sleep quality for people with high stress.

10. Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker – Most Accurate Contactless Tracker

Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker

Key Features:

  • Extremely thin film sensor slips under mattress.
  • Tracks heart rate, breathing rate, sleep cycles, activity.
  • Detects sleep apnea events and restless legs.
  • AI analyzes data for actionable insights.
  • Integrates with other health and fitness apps.
  • No wearables required.

Regarded as one of the most precise non-contact sleep trackers available, the Emfit QS sensor provides clinically accurate data without having to wear any devices at night.

The ultra-thin sensor placed under your mattress accurately monitors sleep stages, respiration, heart rate variability, restlessness and sleep apnea events. It provides a comprehensive overview of your sleep so you can optimize your habits.

What To Look For in a Sleep Gadget

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing sleeping gadgets:

  • Comfort – Will you be able to sleep with this gadget on/in your bed? Look for minimal, lightweight designs.
  • Simplicity – Avoid overcomplicated devices; simple operation ensures consistency.
  • Personalization – Your needs are unique. Seek gadgets with customization
  • Safety – Be sure any wearables or sensors are made from non-toxic materials and haven’t been recalled.
  • Effectiveness – Search for legitimate research and studies that demonstrate a sleep gadget’s benefits.
  • Connectivity – If the gadget tracks sleep via an app, how seamless and reliable is the syncing process?
  • Cost – Sleep gadgets can range from $20 to $1000+ based on features. Set a realistic budget for long-term use.
  • Features – Do you just want sleep tracking? Or additional capabilities like smart alarms and environment control? Match features to your needs.
  • Versatility – Look for sleep gadgets like wearables that provide added uses like activity/fitness tracking during the day.
  • Customer reviews – Check what existing customers say about comfort, durability, and the actual sleep improvements experienced.
  • Return policy – In case it doesn’t work as expected, make sure there is a trial period and easy returns.
  • Ongoing support – Is there coaching/guidance included or available for interpreting your sleep data?

Prioritizing these factors will help you select the most suitable sleep gadget for improving your overall sleep experience. Focus on identifying and addressing your specific sleep challenges.

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