Cool USB Gadgets and Accessories For Geeks

Cool USB Gadgets and Accessories For Geeks

The best USB gadgets 2020 are not less interesting than the previous ones. This year brings even more cool office desk USB gadgets that includes healing owl forest gadget, USB thermoelectric cooler and warmer and the soondar usb multimeter.

If you are a computer Geek you will love to have a look at some of the available gadgets. The biggest reason is that a greek like you has arranged this list.

Cool USB gadgets Available in Market 2020

Fan with Clock

If you are looking for a clock and fan at the same time. This beautiful USB LED clock will provide you with both.

fan with clock usb gadget

Product description and features

This is made of plastic and the weight of the item is 70 grams.

The operation is simple: you all need to put the USB plug into any notebook on your PC. The cool breeze will start to blow. You may adjust the direction of the fan as per your own desire.

This is a plug and play device and you do not have to install any driver for it.

be sure that you are buying the original product otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the warranty of 1 year that is provided only by the original manufacturer.

The fan blades are durable as well as soft so this will provide safe use.

The on / off switch is conveniently placed.

This is a USB powered item and does not require any external power source. The clock and keep the time record even if you turn it off. So you do not need to adjust the time every time you put it on.


  • Easy to operate no external power source is required.
  • The clock will keep the time even if you turn it off.
  • the direction of the fan can be adjusted easily


  • it can only work continuously for 4 to 5 hours after that you need to give it rest for the longer life.
  • The continuous blade motion may cause the injury.

Light Ring For Camera

If you want to use the light ring for the light this is your choice. It is a very convenient product. You can power it with the help of the USB port in your laptop notebook or the desktop.

Light Ring For Camera


This can easily be placed on the tripod.  If you are interested in self posing for sale photography then this product is for you.

You can easily control the intensity of the light through the control board available with the product. This control board can be operated easily with a smart button solid.

Photography is not the only purpose this ring will serve. It can also provide you the light for reading


  • Easily portable
  • Plug and play device
  • No external power sources are required other than the USB port.


  • The intensities of the light are limited only with three options

Octopus Tripod Fan

Octopus Tripod Fan


Product description and features

It can be placed almost everywhere. Wherever it is needed. Thanks to the octopus tripod.

You can set it in any direction. It can revolve around the three hundred and sixty degrees.

This is the reason that you can adjust it easily on your desk or it can even be used as a hanging fan anywhere you want.

The fan is fitted with a brushless motor. This brushless motor is operated on a battery. The powerful motor can produce huge wind flow.

Do not worry about the power supply issue. The fan is equipped with multiple power supplies. It can be operated at multiple speeds. These multiple speeds let you adjust the airflow according to your own choice.

This mini fan can be recharged easily through a USB port. If the USB port is not available you may use the battery bank or the charger.

If you have any issues while using the mini fan. The product fan is equipped with a manual. you can even contact the customer care services of the company. They are operating for 24 hours.

The potted package also includes a USB power cable.

Why you should buy this product

  • The air follows is strong
  • Mini fan is ultra-quiet
  • Multiple power supplies available with the fan
  • Manual is available for the guidance
  • The octopus tripod makes it possible to hang or a place nearly on all surfaces or locations.
  • The product package has a USB power cable in it.

USB Atolla The Hub

USB Atolla The Hub

Product Features and Descriptions

The functionalities of this incredible device include

  • 4 USB 3.0 Data Ports
  • 1 USB Smart Charging Port
  • USB Splitter with Individual On/Off Switches
  • 5V/3A Power Adapter

Where else you will get so many functionalities.

This device can synchronize data at the message speed of 5 gigabytes per second.

The individual on-off switches will let you away from the mess.

The beautiful finish and the LED is in it provides the look of ultraviolet rays. This product is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 8 windows 7 windows vista Windows XP and Mac operating system X or above.

The product is of so much good quality that the manufacturer has no hesitation in providing the 18-month warranty for this product.

Why you should buy this product

  • multiple functionalities are available in a single device
  • Every functionality has its individual on-off switch
  • The product is compatible with multiple operating systems including a different version of Windows and Mac
  • Superior finish with beautiful LED
  • High-speed operational capabilities.

Travel Laptop  SHRRADOO Backpack for Laptop – A Backpack with USB Charging

Travel Laptop SHRRADOO Backpack for Laptop - A Backpack with USB Charging

Product Description and Description

This USB Port Backpack with charger is suitable to use for

  • Women
  • Men
  • School College Students

This Backpack can easily hold the laptop up to the size of 15.6 Inch Laptop.

If you are a computer geek then this product is for you. Even on the move, you can keep your mobile phone charged. So stay connected by keeping your mobile phone alive.

This bag is really healthy to carry and can keep lots of luggage into it. This even has the security measures numeric lock that will save your belongings from theft.

You can carry it on your head, you can put it on your back and even you can put it on your suitcase. This is a really very handy bag to carry and to keep your move.

The bag is made with breathable material. This breathable material is really very handy when you keep the bags on your shoulder.

The foam on the shoulder arrow provides the person the comfort who is carrying the bag.

The bag is made of comfortable material. This is the reason that it provides you your peace of mind during the journey.

Why you should buy this product

  • It keeps your laptop safe
  • It keeps your mobile phone alive
  • This is really handy to carry
  • It provides on the way of charging to the mobile.
  • This keeps your belongings safe by providing the numeric lock.

Rechargeable Personal Neck Fan by YIWEI

Rechargeable Personal Neck Fan by YIWEI

Product Description and Features

You are on the move and the temperature is hot. you are in your office working with an important office but the temperature is very high. You need direct but gentle flow of air at your face.

USB rechargeable. Light in weight it can be in your neck. This is your companion wherever you go. If you want more air you can adjust its speed. Likewise, if you want less air you can again adjust the speed.

You can use the fan at various places when you are traveling, when you are at a party, when you are playing sports, when you are running on the track, or when you are working in the office when you are climbing a mountain. This fan is with you at every occasion.

This is made to provide you the maximum flow of air. The fan can be changed easily with the help of a USB cable. This USB cable can be attached to a laptop notebook or desktop computer.

Why you should buy this product

  • The product can be used at various locations and passions.
  • The fan provides you the continuous working of 5 hours
  • You can easily put it around your neck

Final Words

This article provides useful gadgets that can be used with a fast modern-day lifestyle. Due to the ease, these provide in carrying and maintaining and using the products.

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