10 Best Gadgets for Diabetics

Diabetes Devices

The fast-paced world has brought Mars into our access but mankind is more into neglecting his health and well-being. The rising cases of Type 2 diabetes have put a question mark on our choice of lifestyle but not to mention how well medical science has conquered the grounds to this ailment successfully and the advanced technology has given birth to countless constructive gadgets for diabetic patients.

Managing Type2 diabetes is a meticulous job and requires scrupulous attention. The correct means and right device are your keys to a healthy life. Several gadgets are proved to be beneficial and favorable for the assistance of all diabetic patients. Studies show that patients utilizing these gadgets whether high-tech or not, have reported not only to maintain their sugar level but have improved A1C numbers.

Based on research and studies we have gathered data and listed some of the best gadgets for diabetics. The list includes all the old school as well as high-tech gadgets based on the priorities and ratings. For your convenience, we have also tried to give the links from where these gadgets can be purchased.

Based on ratings and practical uses, the following list is constructed:

</p> <h2><strong>1. Pill Organizer</strong></h2> <p>

Taking medicines regularly is an essential task for diabetics. Missing even a single dose could get you in real trouble.

Keeping track of all the medicines sometimes becomes a hassle for patients and the caretakers therefore pill organizer is created. You can keep all your prescribed medicine in the pill organizer and utilize it every day with almost zero effort to remember which medicine is taken and which is left.

Pill organizers come in different shapes and styles but the most basic is the one in which

Pill organizer

A week’s medicine is organized. Some of the pill organizers also come with the facility to arrange according to time, say; Morning, Noon, Evening.  It’s better to set a reminder on your smartphone for taking medicine on time and you will be aided by your pill organizer to take the exact medicine without fear of forgetting any essential medication.

Studies in 2013 led, a journal named “Technology and Health Care” to claim an invention of pill organizer whose data is directly connected to your doctor to check if you have missed any dose or not.

</p> <h2><strong>2. Food Plate </strong></h2> <p>

The first step after being diagnosed with diabetes is controlling the food you eat. The best way to control it is to divide your food into small portions. People with diabetics must portion their food. The right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables plays a vital role in keeping you hale and hearty.

The food plate has different sections to help you divide your food wisely and it is a verified and confirmed way to establish a healthy habit for all diabetics.

Food Plate

</p> <h2><strong>3. Glucose Tablet Holder</strong></h2> <p>

Diabetic patients don’t only suffer from high glucose levels, sometimes strenuous exercise and skipping meals can result in lower sugar levels. Staying hungry for a longer period is equally dangerous therefore keeping glucose tablets handy is necessary.

Glucose Tablet Holder
There are various glucose tablet holders available in the market. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some key chains are designed to keep glucose tablets in them. Otherwise, tablet holders can be placed in your purse so that they can come in handy without any delay whenever required.

</p> <h2><strong>4. iPhone Glucose Meter</strong></h2> <p>

iPhone Glucose MeterWhen technology has gathered all the facilities in your phone then why we should not expect our phone to check and track glucose level in our bodies. There are different companies who, in collaboration with i.phone have created a gadget to check your glucose level through your phone. iBG star and Dario are such distinguished names. Their kits are considered one of the best kits to get accurate readings of sugar levels in your blood within 6 seconds.

The companies also offer their apps to maintain your data.  The app can link your doctors and share your information with them.

This gadget comes in a full kit comprising of a glucometer, test strips, lancets, and disposable phone covers.

</p> <h2><strong>5. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Insulin Pump</strong></h2> <p>

The production of insulin is linked with your pancreas. For a healthy glucose levels in your body, the pancreas must produce the right amount of insulin.

In order to monitor all this we have Insulin Pumps. Monitors get attached to your skin directly and provide information about the function of your pancreas wirelessly to the insulin pumps. It is an amazing to tool to maintain a healthy balance of insulin in your body.


</p> <h2>6. NovoPen Echo</h2> <p>


NovoPen Echo is a digital insulin pen that delivers half-unit dosing to the patients. Its dose memory function allows you to monitor the doses and maintains the record of your last injection so you don’t have to remember the time of your last dosage.

</p> <h2>7. Magnifying Mirror</h2> <p>

It is hard to have a proper look between the feet and the heels. A good magnifying glass would help you to make a proper observation of your feet to avoid any infection.

Magnifying Mirror

</p> <h2>8. Medical Alert ID</h2> <p>


A bracelet or a necklace you wear to monitor your blood sugar. In case of emergency, it delivers information to your first respondent.


</p> <h2>9. The PaQ pump</h2> <p>

The PaQ pump

It is bliss for people with Type 2 diabetes. The PaQ pump has basal and bolus dosing feature to especially facilitate Type 2 patients.


</p> <h2>10. G-Tone Watch</h2> <p>


It is a watch to supervise glucose levels in the blood. This gleaming watch provides non-intrusive blood sugar monitoring. It detects the glucose levels without pricking and therefore a painless and hassle-free way to check the sugar levels in your blood.

Medical Technology is showing remarkable advances in diabetic care. New gadgets and devices are invented to aid diabetic patients to live healthy and balanced life.

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