Best New Kitchen Gadgets 2020


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Scissors Set For Herb Cutting by POROMI

(Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets)



This might be a simple gadget but it is a great addition to any kitchen. I call it my aroma creator, as it makes my herb cutting fun and easy.

Now you don’t need a chopping plate and knife to finely cut out your herbs. Hold them in your hands with a scissor set, chop it, and pour it directly in your meal.

So you can directly add your desired herbs to get your ultimate aroma, without much hassle. With its five blades, It not only provides you a real fine cutting of herbs but also delivers you a four-time speedy work as well.

It’s perfect soft rubber and strong grip handle is not only comfortable to use but also provides a non-slip grip.

Thinking about how to clean the narrow cavity inside those blades. Don’t worry they offer a cleaning comb that not only helps you to sharpen the blades but also cleaned them.

You can put these scissors put these chopping scissors in the dishwasher but I suggest it better to clean them with hand.

Consumer Verdict

As I already said that my suggestion is not based on my personal choice or just my personal experience. For suggesting the best product I rely on hundreds of other consumers. Those who have used the product reviewed it, and have suggested whether it is worth it or not.

So when almost 350 consumers reviewed these herb cutting Scissors, they were highly satisfied. Moreover, almost 87% ratted them with 5 stars. So if you are looking for assistance for chopping your herbs without creating any mess. This choice is definitely a full proof go for it, that’s definitely , one of the most useful kitchen gadgets the market has to offer.

Best Pizza Cutter By Kitchy

(Unique Kitchen Gadgets Under $10)



Every house has a pizza lover and this one is a must-buy for every pizza lover. After all, a perfect slice matters the most. It can be your best catch from unique kitchen gadgets under $10 segment.

Its blade is super sharp, you don’t need to scratch this pizza cutter back and forth to cut your slice. just a one go and your pizza has a perfect slice.

Moreover, where the other Pizza cutters are not even adjustable in your cabinets this pizza cutter can easily fit into your palm. Yes, it is small but effective. You can easily place it in your cutlery drawer and bring it out whenever you need it.

There is a secret in this pizza cutter. You can cut a lot more than just pizza, you can cut the veggies and tacos with it too. Moreover, its super handy design is perfect and easy to grip and bring ease to your veggie cutting.

Unlike other Pizza cutters, it is not at all difficult to wash, you can easily take it apart  and it’s ready to be washed even in a dishwasher.

The mystery of it’s perfect cutting lies in its sharpest blade and non-slip grip, that is super cool while cutting your pizza. But what if you will keep it in your cutlery drawer it can cut your hand to, don’t worry I was just kidding. It comes with a blade protector, don’t forget to cover it when you are not using this cutter, as it will not only protect the blade but also your fingers.

The manufacturers are a hundred percent sure of the quality and charm of this little kitchen gadget. So they offer you a lifetime money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the product. What else do you need to trust its quality?

Consumer Verdict

This is a simple kitchen gadget that everyone needs, so it was bought by more than 10,500 consumers and most of them found it highly effective and easy to use. Those consumers were asked about recommending this product to others; almost 90% of consumers said a big yes. So be happy consumers buy this pizza cutter that can cut your veggies and your tacos and lots more too.

Smart Mandoline & Food Factory By Upintek

(Best kitchen gadgets on Amazon)



I found this handy food factory as the most useful kitchen gadget in my kitchen. Yes, you do have that big and bulky electric food factory and it allows you all those functionalities of chopping and grinding and even slicing. But after a huge mess, on the contrary, this little veggie chopper by Upintek is something super cool that doesn’t create any mess and still is super useful.

Now you don’t need to bring out your big and bulky machinery to grind even some little ginger or garlic. This handy machine with its grinding drum offers you fine grinding without any Electric supply, just a portion of a few circles and here you go with your perfect grounded material.

If you want to make some pizza or cheese omelet you don’t need to shred it with hand or machine. You just need to use this little intelligent thing which you can call your best kitchen utensils 2020.

Put some cheese into it and give a few circles with the handle and here you get enough coarsely shredded cheese. You can even use this shredder for making your spirals for preparing some special dishes. So you can shred carrots or any other veggies with a little hand struggling.

Now cuttings fine and equal slices for french fries and slicing other vegetables for salad is not a matter of more than a few seconds. Because you have a slicing drum in this mega machine which is super handy and I guess the most useful utensil in my kitchen.

Each and every piece is designed to perfection and to provide the desired functionality. For instance, you don’t need to push the veggies inside the drums with the help of your hand. there is a perfect food pusher and you can use it to attain the purpose.

Now when it comes to its handle, which is super convenient and very easy to use you can easily fix it. You just give it a few rotations, it moves smoothly, moreover, it is not at all difficult to use and provide you your desired results. So this handy device helps you to make your kitchen more spacious. Now you can do your all Julian cutting, grinding, and slicing with just this one simple solution.

It is perfectly designed to provide the desired and perfect functionality. So while you’re slicing or shredding your vegetables this machine is not going to move here and there with its strong suction feet. Once fixed on your slab no way that will move until you want.

This machine offers safety and stability both in hand. The plastic material used in this machine is 100% BPA free and when it comes to its blade they are super sharp made of stainless steel and highly effective. If you have any doubts related to its quality don’t worry the company offers this thing with the lifetime warranty but believe me you will never need to avail it.

Consumer Verdict

This product is used by several consumers out of those 360 who were interviewed and they responded highly positive. They not only liked it in their personal use but also recommended it for others as well. Amongst 80% of reviewers were very positive, most of them said it’s a kitchen gadget everyone needs.

Safest Mandoline By Dash Store



While working in a kitchen several times you wish to have an assistant. So this slicer brings your wish to come true.

Perfect slicing is a secret behind perfect cooking it’s not only about perfect looks but if it is sliced evenly it will be cooked evenly as well.

This one machine offers multiple cutting styles no matter if you want some Julian cut, or a matchstick, or some dice cutting. No matter whatever kind of cutting you need this assistance will be helpful to you.

You can even set the thickness of your slices as per your requirement. So no matter whatever you are cooking it’s just a soup or vegetables or a salad or any other recipe this slicer is definitely going to help you out.

Mostly Mandolin usage is not very safe with its exposed blade but here in this criss-cross setting your hand is perfectly safe. As you are using a vegetable pusher with one hand and pressing the cutter down with the other hand.

This one is not a random slicer but actually a throughout product for your comfort ease with perfect functionality. So with this mandoline slicer, you cannot even use it easily you can clean it easily as well. It includes a brush that helps you eliminate all the built-in filth on the

blades moreover, it offers a food catch container that occupies the slices while keeping the whereabouts sorted.

so if you are looking for a great gift for some newly wedded couple are going to a housewarming in confused to select a perfect memorable gift this Mandolin slicer by dash store is that perfect gift

This mandoline slicer is easy to use and easy to store. You can easily fold it up and put it in your cutlery drawer, It doesn’t take much space. Moreover, in the deal, you will get a food catch container, a perfect brush for cleaning and nic recipe guides, and even access to a recipe database.

You can rely on the quality of this product as it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Consumer Reviews

When it comes to consumer verdict after our trial we took a consumer survey as well. Almost 1350 consumers were interviewed for feedback. And almost 87% of the consumer evaluated it with positive reviews and recommended it.

Hand Chopper Plus Cutter By Mueller Austria Store

(High Tech Kitchen Gadgets)



This one can be your most reliable and most useful kitchen gadget. It is a simple but still high tech kitchen gadget. Yes, you don’t need any electricity but it provides you all the fun and favors what you can get from an electric chopper and slicer.

Let’s start with its blade which is made of surgical stainless steel so you don’t need to worry about rusting. Moreover, they are designed perfectly for fast cleaning and chopping. The base quality is also perfect with its anti-skid ability, and cleaning it is super easy just open it and clean it.

This might be the largest hand chopper in capacity with a compact size, the best kitchen utensils 2020 available in the market. Its handle is perfectly designed for easy grip and perfect control. You can easily rotate it to operate the blades.

This one is a kitchen magician. It’s very compact but considerable in working. This manual machine can be your chopper slicer and grinder all in one. The functionality is very easy if you want big slices, rotate the handle a few times. If you want them to be smaller you can give a few more rounds and it’s done. Even if you want to make a fine puree it is still in your hand control to give a few more rotations and you will get the desired results.

You will love its built-in egg separation function. Just pour the egg, it will stain out the egg yellow and the egg white will deeply go down into the container. So this little handy high-tech machine is going to a great alternative for your electric heavy choppers. Those are bulky and noisy machines and damn expensive as well still keep adding to the cost with their electrical charges. Furthermore, takes so much space in your kitchen, So this is one of the highest tech kitchen gadgets that is still manual.

The manufacturers have well thought each and every aspect of this multi-talented small hand chopper come slicer blender. Such as the material used in its making is plastic but don’t worry it’s completely safe being BPA-free.

Work for consumers’ peace of mind and quality assurance the manufacturers provide and lifetime warranty with this product. So be confident about its purchase, its quality is never going to let you down

Consumer Verdict

Almost 1400 consumers were interrogated about the working and efficiency of this product, out of those almost 97% were highly impressed with its quality and perfect working. This makes it a recommended product for all my beloved readers. I do own one for my home kitchen.

Heat resistant Cooking Utensils By Oannao

(High Tech Kitchen Gadgets)



This small budget investment can hilariously upgrade your kitchen equipment. They are a total of 14 pieces and each piece performs a different function which upgrades your cooking experience.

The material used for these utensils is BPA free silicone. That is perfectly safe and healthy for users and can resist high temperatures up to 455 F. So you can easily use them for frying and no need to worry about what if you will forget a spatula in the pan and it will melt out.

Unlike the cheap plastic spatulas, these high-quality silicone utensils are not going to cause any odor or bad smell. Moreover, even not going to leave any color while you’re stirring your food. If you are worried about the reaction of the silicon utensils with any food or beverage under heat and can discharge any hazardous fumes don’t worry it is perfectly safe to use.

Another well thought feature is its wooden handle which is not only very smooth and solid to hold but still keeps your hand safe from scorching while cooking. When it comes to durability the silicon utensils are quite the best kitchen utensils in 2020 far more durable than your cheap plastic utensils.

If you are thinking of buying a great gift for your mum then believe me this utensil set is going to be her best companion in her kitchen chores.

This complete set of utensils is going to offer you a turner, a soup ladle, a pasta server, a solid serving spoon, a round spatula, a slotted spoon, and a flexible spatula. All these utensils are durable enough and will not scotch with heat and wrap up, moreover even keep your utensils scratch-free.

Cleaning it is very easy but you need to make sure that you avoid soaking them in water for a long period. Moreover, don’t wash them in a dishwasher. They will not take much time cleaning a little care can save a lot of money.

Consumer Verdict

This truly is one of the best kitchen utensils 2020. As it’s very economical in price and high in quality. Almost 950 consumers who were interrogated about the quality and their satisfaction with the product. They awarded it high scores and high appreciation. The results made this product recommendable for all those who want to upgrade their kitchen with something economical, trendy yet very useful.

Good Bye Note

The kitchen is the heart of any household and all those who love cooking, always want to upgrade it with the best new kitchen gadgets. But since the market is overcrowded it’s quite tough to decide between a truly functional kitchen gadget or a show-off. Here we make that tough job easy for you by having a detailed survey of the market. And present you with the best products that can not only upgrade your kitchen but also don’t shake your budget. You can truly rely on this list as all the kitchen gadgets described in this article offer high quality, durability, and perfect functionality. Moreover, be a great help and assistance in your kitchen tasks. So best of luck for upgrading your kitchen and happy shopping!

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