10 Best Gadget for Video Recording In 2021

10 Best Gadget for Video Recording In 2021

Technology is advancing day by day and people have started taking more interest in filmmaking. A filmmaker would be interested in using gadgets that make his/her experience more convenient and simple. Everyone wants to save costs and create something extraordinary. That is only possible if you use the appropriate gadgets for video recording. Nowadays shooting has become much easier because you run multiple cameras on the same shot. That way, your time does not get wasted in retakes and you get any angle that you want at any time. Cameras and other gadgets have changed so much that with their new features the whole filmmaking industry has taken a U-turn. Digital cameras today are much lighter, shaper and portable. If you sit down and compare today’s powerful camera with old analogs, you’ll be surprised to see the sticking difference.

If you are an experienced professional or are a newbie at filmmaking, you’ll need these 10 best video recording gadgets that will help your filmmaking career bolster without spending too much money. In this guide, you’ll find microphones, tripods, filters, external recorders, and many more video accessories. The gadgets are not very expensive but that does not mean you’re compromising on quality. They are high-quality but affordable at the same time.

The 10 best gadgets for video recording in 2021:

</p> <h2>1. RODE Pro+ VideoMic Microphone</h2> <p>

The Pro+ VideoMic is the latest microphone from Rode’s that is designed in a way that it holds onto your CSC/DSLR camera. This microphone is an improved version of its famous predecessor. The old version did not have an apt battery door but now in this new version, you can easily switch batteries. The battery with lithium-ions is rechargeable and is also included in the shipping as standard. The microphone has an automatic power function that allows it to switch off and on alongside the camera. That helps to make the battery life long-lasting when you aren’t filming. Other features of this microphone include a high-pass two-stage filter and three-stage automatic gain control. The filter helps to reduce low frequencies from air conditioning or traffic. The gain control comes with a +20dB function that helps to improve the audio quality. This microphone also has a high-frequency boost that will help to boost high frequencies to enhance clarity and detail in the recording.

RODE Pro+ VideoMic Microphone


</p> <h2>2. NTG2 RODE shotgun condenser microphone</h2> <p>
Your microphone needs to be in close proximity to the subject if you’re looking to enhance your audio quality. In most situations, you’ll have to use the microphone when it’s not fixed at the camera’s top. That includes situations like recording someone while they are speaking and the aura of a stream trickling. The Rode shotgun NTG2 is not the latest microphone. It has been in the market for ages but it’s even better than the modern microphones. It’s extremely versatile. You can use it for broadcasts, films, voiceovers, and music production. The credit for its versatility goes to the restrained polar response, less noisy electronics, and wide bandwidth. The only thing you need to keep in mind is; if you have a CSC or DSLR camera, you will have to employ an external recorder or an adapter that accepts the XLR 3-pin connection. This microphone is the best when it comes to filmmaking and vlogging.

7The quality sound capture makes this one of the best video recording gadgets. It has an 11-inch long body with super-cardioid polar pattern yields that enhance the attention of the sound entering from the sides. The directionality of the yields is front-faced. The sensitive condenser and 18 dBA communicate detailed audio that is unburdened by the hiss that many cheap microphones produce. Also, the microphone has a balanced output that allows longer cable runs. The battery is a single AA battery with a 48V phantom power. The microphone is compatible with a variety of field recorders, audio recorders, and mixer adapters. The windscreen of the microphone reduces wind noise. The foam windscreen minimizes wind noise coming from heaters, breezes, air conditioners, fans, etc. The shock mount suspension system and the furry windshield are perfect to reduce any outdoor or indoor noise.

Rode NTG2 Multi-Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone

</p> <h2>3. Sennheiser ME2 AVX</h2> <p>
The Sennheiser ME2 AVX SET is an ultra-compact microphone that offers vloggers, video journalists, and professional videographers a dependable and wireless microphone system that’s extremely easy to use. The performance is so good that you’ll feel a sound engineer is handling the audio tasks. This microphone was built keeping simplicity in mind. However, simplicity does not mean compromising on the audio quality. This best gadget for video recording is a self-configuring digital system that handles time-consuming mic-level adjustments and frequency setup for you, so now you can shoot your video in a few seconds only. You will be able to focus on the remaining critical elements that need your attention while shooting because this microphone will help you record clear and crisp audio so you won’t even have to worry about it. The microphone comes with a bodypack transmitter and a camera-mount receiver. The mic of this microphone is a black ME 2-II omnidirectional lavalier which is perfect for projects like corporate videos, weddings, and documentaries.

You can carry the microphone wherever you go because its AVX system is quite lightweight and you can easily carry it with you. The bodypack transmitter has a rugged metal chassis that comes with a form factor that is smaller than the G4. The Sennheiser has a locking connector that makes sure your lav does not detach during a critical moment. The switch lets you mute your mic making it a lot more convenient. Its display shows signal strength and battery life. The setup is simple because it automatically looks for a clean channel in the 1.9 GHz band as soon as you turn on the receiver. When you press the pair button for a long time, it links, both receiver and transmitter. As soon as the indicator LED turns green, you’re ready to go.

The AVX receiver and transmitter have lithium-ion removable batteries that you can recharge with the help of a USB port. The transmitter gives a battery life of up to 15 hours but the receiver is only limited to provide 4 hours. The receiver automatically turns off and on as soon as it senses phantom power and extends the battery life.



</p> <h2>4. Sachtler Flowtech Carbon Fibre 75 MS Tripod</h2> <p>
Tripods for video recording don’t usually change a lot. This best gadget for video recording is lighter and stronger than its predecessors. It’s not something completely new or technically ground-breaking but if you want a better experience, you can use this tripod. This gadget for video recording saves filmmakers from a severe backache that they might have to face if they don’t use a good tripod. The Sachtler Flowtech 75 carbon fiber tripod is known to have the quickest tripod legs due to its fast deployment system that allows you to extend the three legs simultaneously. The locking mechanisms right at the tip of this tripod will save you and the design of carbon fiber will provide light but a strong structure to hold onto at least 20 kg.


</p> <h2>5. Atomos Inferno Shogun recorder</h2> <p>
If you want to include a versatile external recorder in your filmmaker locker, having the inferno shogun is a must. It should be high up in the list as far as widespread adoption is concerned. The recorder has a 1500nit, 7-inch screen that you can easily view during the day and it can show the HDR video. These features are not available on your back camera. If your DSLR is limited to compressed 4:2:0 8bit recording and outputting, the inferno will give you 4:2:2 10bit that is 4 times more than the quantity of the color information in every RGB channel. You can even reach 12bit while recording but that depends on your camera.

The inferno shotgun will outlive the body of your camera as well. The recorder offers perfect exposure and color. The high-quality viewing experience with every fine detail being captured; gives you adequate confidence to make apt decisions. With the shogun recorder blacklight, the blacks are much deeper and the whites are much brighter. The highlights have crystal clear detail. You have the opportunity to be in control and maximize the HDR exposure while being comfortable with the SDR finish.

In this gadget, you’ll get a multi-camera touch screen switching. You can take advantage of the 4 SDI inputs and make the shogun 7 your portable, quad view recorder and live switcher. You can record on multiple cameras as well. You can record up to four streams of 1080p60 simultaneously as separate ISO’s. You can switch in real-time only by simply touching your screen. Using your switched feed you can also record a fifth program. Switching is asynchronous and it eliminates the need for locked sources that are expensive and using those that are reasonable. You can even switch to your feed while live streaming.

Atomos Shogun Inferno Recorder for Camera

</p> <h2>6. Sennheiser HD headphones 380 PRO</h2> <p>
Why would you invest in audio gear when you cannot hear it? You need to have a set of good-quality headphones. The Sennheiser headphones 380 PRO have a closed circumaural design that provides excellent attenuation of the ambient noise. It goes as far as 32dB. That way you can separate the audio you are currently recording and prevent introducing live noise cancellation. When you are filming for a prolonged period of time, comfort is the key. Thus, the Sennheiser HD is perfect for that. This best gadget for video recording has a prolonged frequency response with an increased pressure level of sound for some accurate sound reproduction of every type. The design is secure and lightweight. It offers a comfortable listening experience to those working in a professional environment and have to wear the headphone for long durations.

Sennheiser HD headphones 380 PRO

</p> <h2>7. Rhino Slider Essentials Bundle</h2> <p>
You will find many sliders in the market but when you look for versatility and high-quality, the Rhino slide comes to your mind as one of the best video recording gadgets. This bundle is perfect for beginners and comes with 24-inch rails. If you want to travel ahead, you can swap with 42-inch rails that are separately available. The Rhino slider has a feature of Rhino motion that lets you program accurate and precise controlled motion movements from a point to another. This video recording gadget has a battery that’s built-in and can last for at least 7 hours. That makes it even more suitable for shooting days. You can also connect it with a source of power using a USB connection. In this bundle, you’ll get an ARC II that is a highly advanced motorized tilt and pan device. With the sliders the motor and the ARC II, you’ll get access to a sophisticated 3 axis setup. The slider motor is high-speed and is designing specifically for horizontal slides. A high torque motor is also available.

Rhino Slider Essentials Bundle

</p> <h2>8. Lowepro BP450Pro AW II Runner Backpack</h2> <p>
You need to carry complete equipment with you while shooting. This backpack is not only ideal for photographers but also serves to be useful for many filmmaking needs. The Lowepro Pro Runner BP450 AW II Backpack can hold A7S bodies, Sony FS5, cards, lenses, laptop, microphone, and batteries. In the Lowepro Pro Runner BP450 AW II Backpack, you’ll get a fair quantity of padding available on its straps. Once you place it on your shoulders, it will be very comfortable to hold. You can keep a light tripod attached to the backpack’s front side so that apart from the lighting you have all items you need to start your shoot in just one backpack. This gadget also allows you to carry cabin luggage. That makes this backpack perfect for short trips to other countries.

Lowepro BP450Pro AW II Runner Backpack

</p> <h2>9. SLR ND Filter Magic Variable</h2> <p>
If you want to capture a shot that has a shallow field depth, you need to help your storytelling through focusing the attention of the viewer on something inside the frame, and for that, you’ll have to open the aperture. With ND filters you can easily do that without even changing the shutter speed or ISO to help compensate for the overexposure. This gadget lowers the light by at least 1.3-6 stops. Unlike other rival filters, it has some hard stops that are present at the ending of filtration. That makes your life much easier while shooting as you run. You can opt for the large size that is 88mm and therefore, you won’t have to buy anything else while you change your lenses. You can just purchase some cost-effective and cheap step-up rings to use with small diameter lenses. With this ND filter, you can now rule all of them.

SLR ND Filter Magic Variable

</p> <h2>10. Zhiyun LAB Crane 3</h2> <p>
Gimbals have started selling a lot in the past 10 years because they are affordable. This gadget is the latest model and still has a great money value. It’s quite affordable given its high-quality. The Zhiyun LAB Crane 3 is a crucial add-on that you need if you’re doing smooth tracking shots by holding your camera in your hands. With this model, you will get a payload of more than 4.5 kg. The gimbal has an ergonomic and all-new structure that opens up a sling mode. This mode allows stable and effortless shooting for low angles. This gadget is compatible with almost all cinema cameras and DSLRs. It responds 150% to speed improvement. The image transmission is 1080p and is wireless. That enables other devices around the videographer to be used readily. The via touch control system enables the users to make multiple gimbal movements, synchronous focus and zoom adjustments, and camera settings while framing shots at the same time. It turns your phone to a remote control that senses motion and that way you can control the gimbal in real-time.

Zhiyun LAB Crane 3

In this guide, we presented to you the 10 best gadgets for video recording. You can select the ones that you need the most and it’s imperative to do your research properly to find out which gadgets you should invest one. These are our top picks! If you try one of these, do let us know if they worked out for you or not.

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